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Make your small apartment look larger

June 10, 2016

Small apartments can easily be transformed to feel bigger. By simply incorporating decor elements which will enhance the space, your small apartment can appear bigger in size. You may not be able to increase your living space but you can be smart about the furniture you use and decor elements you choose.


Light up your apartment


Instantly give the illusion of a bigger space by using light colours on the walls and floor. Soft hues can make any cramped room look and feel bigger and brighter. Light coloured furniture, curtains or bedding sets will make the room look larger.


Hang mirrors


Other than looking at yourself, mirrors can be used to make your space appear bigger. Depending on your frame colour and size you choose, mirrors are able to provide a chic look that can upscale any home. To give the illusion of expansion, hang the mirror opposite a window which will reflect light around the room. The bigger the mirror, the more airier the room will feel.


Add metallics


A metallic element such as a shimmery lamp or light fixture will have the same effect as a mirror. A metallic mirror will reflect light and brighten up the room.


Hang floating shelves


Bulky cabinets will make your apartment feel smaller and take up necessary space. Floating shelves will make your walls look bare, which is ultimately the effect you want to have. A minimalistic approach to your walls widen up the space.


Make use of corners


Don’t neglect corner spaces. The corner in a room can be used as extra seating space or used for a corner bookshelf. This overlooked area of your apartment can make your room look more livable by simply putting a cozy chair in the corner to create a reading nook.


Fake the size of your windows


Make your window frame appear taller by hanging your curtain rod a few centimetres below the ceiling. This technique will draw the eye upward, elongating the window. You can also visually expand the window‘s width by hanging the rod a few centimetres from the side panes. Hang curtains that match the colour of the walls to make the room appear larger.


Have open airy piece of furniture


Don’t incorporate solid wooden furniture into your apartment such as a wooden coffee table or bulky chairs. These will weigh down your apartment and make your space look cramped. Choose a see-through acrylic side table with an open metal base.


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