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Managing your money without experts

June 15, 2016

We can’t all be financial experts, yet so often that appears to be the solution to money problems. Most of us do not have the luxury of wealthy parents or backgrounds. We have to do most of the work ourselves. This becomes particularly harder when we realise how many industries and areas see so few women entering or reaching positions of power. Right now the world is not equal, even if people want it to be so.

To that end, we should be working to solve our problems independently. Or as much as we can without paying for help. This is where tools come in.

Budgets and overview

Most South African banking agencies have apps to help our accounts. Indeed, FNB’s banking app for smartphones has won numerous awards for its efficiency.

At its base, the FNB app monitors our accounts’ status. We know precisely how much we have, how much is going out and how much is coming in. It’s ideal for creating a budget. But the app saw an upgrade. As htxt reported from 2014:

“The app… gives customers the ability to open cheque accounts, credit cards and investment accounts from both smartphone and tablet versions of the app in as little as ten minutes according to FNB.”

The point being, the app offers so many diverse and easy-to-use features, we basically have a bank manager in our pockets. This lets us take control of our finances. We don’t have an excuse anymore, such as long queues or taking time off work.

Other apps might not offer this great range of features, but do get most of the work done. This is one way to start taking control of our finances, in an easy but powerful way.


The entire point of our finances being managed properly is that they end up acquiring what we need. One such need is a home.

It’s important to obtain more info about our current financial situation and future, to help plan for it properly. Using a mortgage loan calculator can help. It can help provide a realistic overview of what we can expect to pay, aiding us in deciding on our financial planning.

We should do this for other large expenses, like cars, too. Getting a loan isn’t something we can just do on a whim. We must plan it properly.

We can’t predict where we will be in a few years’ time, but we must still be smart about our finances.

Image source: Unsplash / Pixabay

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