Most Googled sex questions

It’s nearing the end of the year. And that means it’s time to reflect. It’s also time to think about some of your biggest questions. Your biggest questions about sex, specifically. Turns out everyone’s turning to Google when they have questions about sex.

Looking at this year’s Google trends, Sri Lanka, Ethiopia and Bangladesh are the countries which most often Google “sex”. South Africa was 22 on the list out of a possible 73 countries. So, South Africans clearly have some questions. Here are some of the questions asked most often and their answers.

Where is the G-spot?

That elusive spot which when stimulated ensures mind-blowing orgasms, it’s located about 5 to 8 cm up the vaginal canal. Imagine it being closer to the tummy rather than the back and with a little bit of fun experimentation, it can be easily located to guarantee those intense orgasms every time.

How to make a woman cum?

The best way to make sure your woman orgasms is to ask her what she likes. Yes, that might not sound romantic. But it does make sure she gets off. There’s no way you can know what she’s into; you’re not a mind reader. And every woman is different. So, even though you knew exactly what to do to get your ex clutching the sheets in ecstasy, your new girlfriend very likely feels differently. She might value experimentation in the bedroom, wanting to try role play games using sex toys and other fun props. But unless you ask her, you might never know.

How to make a penis bigger?

Well, there are penis pumps that you can use to increase the size of your penis safely and effectively at home. But it’s also important to remember that size doesn’t matter. What’s more important is what you do with it. Remember, penetration isn’t everything. And with the g-spot being just a couple centimetres inside the vagina, there’s no reason not to get her off. Also, remember that positions make a difference. Doggy style, in particular, ensures maximum penetration and sensation.

How to measure a penis?

It’s somewhat surprising that this is something that’s googled so often. But, when you need to know, you need to know. So, whip out that tape measure and get measuring. There are two measurements you can take – flaccid and erect. When measuring your flaccid penis, make sure you’re not too cold, and measure from the base of the penis at your abdomen to the tip. The average length of a flaccid penis is about 9cm. When measuring your erect penis, you need to first, well, get erect. Next, you do the same as you’d done with your flaccid penis. The average length of your erect penis is about 13cm. Importantly, remember size really doesn’t matter. Instead, focus what you can do with your mouth, your fingers and your penis.

How old do you have to be to buy condoms?

There’s no age restriction to buying condoms in South Africa. In fact, they’re available for free at many public institutions. That’s right, if you feel too shy to head to the store and buy condoms, you can go to a public toilet or your local library and get some for yourself.

How long does sex last?

Sex can last as long as you work at it. And foreplay should really count here. When talking about penetrative sex, that can differ but the average amount of time is about eight minutes. So, unless you’re looking for a quickie, which can be fun, it’s best to spend as much time as you can both handle on foreplay. Spending time on foreplay can be fun and satisfying for both of you. When you’re both at maximum arousal, that’s when you begin penetration.