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Moving house? Here are some great packing tips

August 30, 2018

People move for hundreds of different reasons. They move to be closer to work, to live with their partner, for a change of scenery or for financial reasons. It doesn’t matter why they’re moving, it only matters that “moving house” requires a great deal of packing and preparation. In that regard, every move is the same.

There’s no need to make the move more stressful than it already is. So, to make it easier for yourself and to simplify the packing process, we have a few great tips for you to follow.

Set a schedule

You should have a moving due date for when you’re expected to be out of your current place. This means that you can map out a detailed packing schedule to ensure you’ll have everything ready for moving day.

You don’t want to stretch it out over a few months because that will only make it difficult to maintain your daily routines when every other essential item is hiding in an unmarked box somewhere. When writing out your schedule, keep in mind how large your house is, how many items you’re leaving or taking with you, and how busy your days are. A month to pack should be more than enough time and you can even schedule in some “off” days to relax… or try to, at least.

Keep, sell or throw

Before you can start with the physical packing of everything in your house, you need to accept that not everything is going to be going with you to the new place. You need to go through a process of keep-sell-throw elimination.

  • Keep: It’s easy to know what items in your house you will be keeping. The essential furniture, kitchenware, clothes and most household items will be kept. These you will arrange to be picked up and moved to your new home.  
  • Sell: You will, however, come across some of these items that either won’t work in your new home or that you no longer need. If they’re still in good condition, you can sell these items through online classifieds and sales networks. If, for example, you choose to sell your current duvet covers and comforters, you can use the money to buy new duvets and comforters from South African home stores to adorn your new home in. Sometimes it feels good to not have a duplicate of your old home in the walls of your new home. You need a few fresh items that will add to the “new home” adventure and feel. This can be the opportunity you were waiting for to get rid of the old lounge suite and buy a new one – justified by the size of your new living space.        
  • Throw: And then you will have items that need to be thrown. This is the fun part. As you start clearing your cupboards, you’ll find old documents, clothing, bags and furniture that you’ve forgotten about. As a rule, if you haven’t worn, used or needed it in the past year or two, you won’t be needing it in the next few. These you need to throw, give away or donate (which you could also do with the items you want to sell). Be prepared to ask yourself why you ever decided that keeping your high school or college study notes was necessary and why you ever went through a luminous-clothes phase. Throw all the unnecessary away and declutter your home like never before. If there was ever a time to downsize on “junk” and accept you have a slight hoarding problem, now is that time.  

First in means last out

When you start packing, you need to remember that the items you put into the box first, will be the last to come out. Don’t kid yourself into thinking that on moving day you’ll unpack everything and carry on with life as normal.

If it takes you a month to pack up your old house, it’s not going to take you a day to unpack it all. And while it shouldn’t take you as long to unpack, it will take time. For that reason, you need to make sure that the basics and daily essential appliances, bedding, cookware, dinnerware and the like, are packed on the tops of their respective boxes. This way you won’t need to dig through or half unpack a box and make a mess you’re not ready to sort out yet. Keep the essentials accessible and the rest you can deal with over the next few days it will take you to find a place for your old belongings in your new home.  

Also, if you really want to save yourself time unpacking, be sure to label all of your boxes and don’t be afraid to be very specific.

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