Necessary car accessories

January 1, 2018

There are certain things in life that make everyday living easier. And sometimes these things can make life both easier and safer. When it comes to your car, any accessory that is there for convenience is also likely to save you from the dangerous methods you’d have to go through to achieve the same effect without it.

Many of the latest car models come with certain safety features and accessories, but no car comes with absolutely everything. Whether your car was bought from a “cheap used cars for sale near me” web search or brand new through a car dealership, the it may not come with all the handy, extra gadgets that make driving a better experience.

Phone mount

Without a phone mount to keep your phone in view while using GPS – you’d be holding it in your hand… the hand that’s supposed to be on the steering wheel. If your car doesn’t have Bluetooth (and we’ll get to that just now), then using your phone on loudspeaker is the next best thing, right? Well, not unless you have a phone mount.


The more ideal setup for a phone and a car situation is having Bluetooth in the car. Some cars have a built-in Bluetooth system, but older models don’t. But there are Bluetooth devices that can be installed into your car and then it’s as simple as connecting your phone and letting it be.

Gap filler

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear “car pet peeve”? Dropping change, lip balm, your phone (save yourself the trouble and get a phone mount already), parking tickets and other odds and ends in the bermuda triangle area of vehicles. We’re talking about that little gap between the handbrake and the seat where everything falls and hardly ever returns – no matter how many times you move your car seat back and forth.

That’s where gap fillers come in. They fit in the gap perfectly and catch any poor item that would otherwise be lost forever.

Blind spot mirrors

We all know that not everybody checks their blind spots like they’re supposed to because we’ve all had those close calls when changing lanes. It’s the effort of having to take your eyes off the road in front of you to look behind you that worries some people. But, with blind spot mirrors, that will no longer be an excuse.

They sit in the bottom outside corner of your side mirrors and do the head-turning work for you. Having this necessary car accessory will likely save you from many accidents in the future.

Car finders

Then we have some amazing technology that can help you keep tabs on where your car is for those mall days when you can never seem to remember where you’ve parked. There are such things as smart car locators that work with your phone and Bluetooth technology to find your vehicle.

There are even car key tracking systems as well, so you never have to worry about tracing back your steps to figure out where you’ve left your keys.

Seat cushion

If you live in your car (for work, not literally), you can help your posture and comfort by getting a seat cushion, seat belt cushion and neck pillow for the long travelling hours and pull-over naps.

Spending long hours in the car is not the healthiest of activities, especially when it comes to fatigue and concentration levels. You should be taking regular breaks to stretch your legs on long distance drives, but with a seat cushion to help your posture out, it will be a much more comfortable and bearable experience.

Car covers

If you aren’t lucky enough to have undercover or protected parking at home and your car is always left to bake under the sun, then it would be a great idea to have a car cover onhand to protect your four-wheels.

Not only does the sun damage the paint on your car after long-term exposure, but it can also damage the interior dashboard and upholstery. Your new car won’t be looking new for too long if you don’t take some protective measures for sun damage. Your car cover is step one.

Solar powered fan

This is more for personal comfort than car safety, but installing a solar powered cooling fan in your car is one way to prevent yourself from passing out in a heatwave when you get into your car after a long, hot day. And if you live in South Africa, a hot summers day is probably the fastest way to turn your car into a sauna.

Air fresheners

Another personal preference accessory here, but air fresheners are a must for every car. There are so many scents out there on the road that get caught in tyres and air vents, as well as leftover food bags and accidentally spilled drinks. So having a Staysoft bag or a freshener hanging from the rearview-mirror will do wonders to keep a fresh scent in your car.

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