Organisation tips that will change your life

September 16, 2015

brush-15931_640Are you one of those people who are always unorganised? Getting some order in your life might be easier than you think. If you start getting more organised you will find that things in general just fall into place better and life stays on track more easily.

These few organisation tips will help you keep your life smooth sailing.

Declutter your home

You don’t need unnecessary clutter taking up space in your life. Decluttering your home will have an effect on your peace of mind. Spend a weekend sorting through what you have. Return what doesn’t belong to you, sell or giveaway what you don’t want and throw away what no one else wants. It will take some work but you will feel so much better for it.

Keep your handbag clean

Are you forever rifling through your handbag, pulling out junk while looking for something important? Get into the habit of keeping your handbags clean and filled with only what you need. While you want to be able to find your lipstick when you need it, you don’t need a fistful of till slips.

Keep your keys in one place

As soon as you open the front door, place your keys in a specific designated place. This could be a key holder on the wall or a basket by the door, so long as it is easy to reach and remember. Won’t you be glad to not spend 10 minutes looking for your keys every morning?

Keep your car clean

Like your handbag, your car is another area that tends to collect trash. Till slips and food containers being some of the worse culprits. If you find it too taxing to clear out the trash every day, you can remedy this quite easily by keeping a plastic bag in your car to collect rubbish in, and then simply change the plastic bag every few days.

Clean as you go

Many of us would like to be tidier at home than we currently are. If you aren’t Monica Gellar from Friends though, you probably loathe cleaning the house. The most effective way to keep your house clean is to tidy up as you go along. Do you have to wait five minutes for the kettle to boil? Sweep the kitchen floor or wipe the counters. Is your food cooking on the stove? Wash the dishes you’ve already dirtied.

These few organisational tips are by no means revolutionary, but as simple as they are they will make a big difference for you. You will feel more in control and more capable for getting things done.

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