Perks of a 24-hour boob job

February 25, 2015

Ladies, let’s be real. Many of us spend hours staring at ourselves in the mirror and imagining things a little different. Skinnier thighs, bigger booty, flat tummy and bigger boobs. We want it all. Basically, we want to look like Kim Kardashian.


Unfortunately, there’s no magic, easy solution. We have to eat right and exercise to get the body we dream about. But, there is now one option which could leave us with the bigger boobs some of us are dreaming about.


Instant answer


A surgeon in the US, Dr Norman M Rowe, has created Instabreast, often referred to as the 24-hour boob job or lunchtime breast lift, which gives you that fuller look you’ve been dreaming about. If you’ve got a big wedding on the weekend where you know you’ll bump into an ex who broke your heart, this could be just what you need.


On a more serious note, Dr Rowe developed this non-invasive surgery to allow women to see how they’ll look before deciding on surgery. He realises breast augmentation is a popular procedure which needs careful consideration before it is rushed into.


Saline (a mixture of water and salt) is injected into breasts and increases them by a cup to a cup and a half in size. After 24 hours, the breast begin to deflate and return to their normal size.




But speaking to the New York Times, Dr Michael C. Edwards, a plastic surgeon in Las Vegas and the president of American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, called the practice “a party trick”.


“I can’t see that there’s a huge harm in it, but you’re stretching the skin out,” Edwards said. “You’re altering the architecture of the breast. I would be concerned that you would be taking away some intrinsic support in the breast.”
Unfortunately, this option isn’t available at clinics offering breast augmentation in Pretoria, Cape Town or elsewhere in South Africa. Maybe soon?

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