Planning a last minute New Year’s Eve party

December 31, 2015

familylunchIt’s just a couple days before New Year’s Eve and all of your plans have suddenly fallen apart. You were planning to go away with friends but the accomodation is no longer available. You don’t have much choice but to host the party yourself at your home.


This is not the time to panic. It is perfectly possible to plan an amazing last minute gathering. Follow these tips for some planning inspiration.


Food. The best option for any party – last minute or not – is to serve a cheese platter. Everyone loves a plate filled with cheese, crackers, nuts and olives. You should have some of the goodies you’ll need in your fridge already so scour those shelves and find the essential ingredients. Any meats, fruits, vegetables, gherkins and cocktail onions will be the perfect addition to the platter.


Drinks. Encourage your friends and family to bring along their own drinks – you’ll be sure to have a surfeit of wine and beer. But it may be a good idea for you to make a fun and fancy cocktail. These always prove popular and give your guests something to talk about as they pour their drinks.


Entertainment. Everyone has that one friend who fancies themselves a DJ. Call up that friend and ask them to bring along their party playlists. Guests can make suggestions of their favourite songs. You could also play the big hits of 2015. Artists like Taylor Swift, The Weeknd and Bruno Mars all had successful songs this year – they’ll be sure to perk up the party.


Decor. You don’t need to go overboard here. Your guests will be happy just to have a fun place to be. Make sure the bathrooms are clean, pack away your personal clutter and dust off the dining room furniture. Pick some flowers from your garden, light a few candles and dim the lights. That’s all you need!
Follow these simple tips and your party is sure to be a success. After all, it’s all about who you are with, not what you’re doing.

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