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Primary rules for dressing professionally at work

March 17, 2016

Starting with your shoes and dressing your way up can have a major impact on how you will be perceived at work, especially in a corporate setting. Professionalism is a direct relation to appearance. What you choose to wear to a corporate meeting will influence every aspect of the sitting, the people and the atmosphere. Dressing professionally will have a greater impact on a presentation, rather than wearing a pair of slacks. Your appearance needs to say, I know what I am doing, you can trust me with this contract.

Modesty in clothing

Every employee should aim to get recognition for a job well done, not for their revealing men or womens underwear. Wearing tight pants will surely get a few head turns, overdone make up will receive a glace and a revealing shirt may get stares, but good performance gets a bonus.

Don’t under do casual Friday

On Fridays the work day proceeds as normal, which means even though people are more relaxed and awaiting their weekend, it doesn’t mean that professionalism should be thrown out the door. Casual Friday is a day for coming into work, looking breezy, yet still having a professional tone to an outfit.  Some may take measures to the extreme, coming to work in halter top and short shorts, leaving no room for the imagination. The rule is not to come in your weekend clothes, but rather semi-formal wear.

Choose the right shoes

Never throw caution to the wind when it comes to shoes. There is no need to wear formal shoes on casual Friday, but do avoid going to work in worn out sneakers. On any other work day, skip the open-toe shoes and opt for the conventional formal shoe.

Don’t mimic, set the trend

Under no circumstances should you ever replicate someone else’s wardrobe. You may admire their appearance, but keep the replicating to a minimum. Look for comparable styles, colors and accessories that work for you.

Control your eccentricity

It is important to always be yourself and to wear what makes you feel happy, but if you chose a corporate job, you should have known that overzealousness will not do in this career field. Stay away from exuberantly over-accessorising your outfits. Your appearance should improve professional skills and qualities, not divert from them.

When in doubt see the rule book

Every company has a set of rules they want their employees to abide by.  If you are unsure about the company’s stance on wearing jeans, then the employee rule book will lead the way. The book will cover the basics, even whether or not tattoos should be covered up. If the rule book is not explicit about the dress code, then see your supervisor or the human resources representative for a fair amount of insight.

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