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August 22, 2015


kids roomParenting: The journey of loving someone else more than what you love yourself. Placing their needs before yours, being responsible for another human being and taking care of them the best way you know how. The responsibilities of a parent are greater than simply checking to see if all the appliances are off before you leave the house.

Perhaps you’ve done the pre-planning; checked a bond affordability calculator, qualified for a home, bought the house and now you’re ready for the next step – being a parent. Now you need to baby proof your beloved home, because babies are curious little people and the last thing you want is baby playing with a bottle turpentine she found at the bottom of a shelve.

Making the bathroom toddler friendly

During the potty training stage your toddler will resist going to the potty on his own. Make your bathroom feel like his own by matching the rug with his training potty. And tuck a step stool beneath the vanity to give your child to access the toilet and sink.

Room safety

Here are a few pointers to keep in mind when it comes to bedroom safety.

  1. Put burglar bars on the windows of your child’s bedroom if their bedroom is on the second floor or higher.
  2. Cut drapery cords at the ends, instead of making a loop. The cords can be strangling hazard for your little one.
  3. Don’t put any toys on high shelves, they might try and climb up to reach them.
  4. Place the bed against a wall or in a corner to make it more secure.
  5. Always close the dresser drawer, your child can easily climb inside, causing it to topple over.
  6. Secure the areas in your house with gates. Put the gate across your child’s bedroom door or the stairway to prevent them from getting to areas in the house that is not childproofed.
  7. Never put a child’s bed against a radiator or under a window, even if your windows are burglar barred.

Items that can be broken or sharp if handled need to be placed up high. Also check for sharp corners of furniture that need to be padded and items that baby can pull over need to be removed or safely secured.

To find the best ways to protect your toddler from sharp corners and small objects is to get on your knees and look for the danger zones. You need to get on their level and see what the world is like from their view. It’s quite a big place and lovely to explore!

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