Reinventing your man’s style

July 21, 2016

Do you feel like your man can do with a bit of a makeover? If so, and he actually agreed to it, then you need the following tips to help him settle into his new look.


Skincare regime


A good skincare routine will remove blemishes, leaving him feeling refreshed and well looked after. A clear, healthy complexion will give him a confidence boost as well as send the message that he knows how to take care of himself. Skincare products can only do so much. Ultimately, it’s up to him to decide to live a well balanced life.


Hair style


Restyling his hair may not be a dramatic change, it could be as simple as parting his hair to the other side. Let him grow his hair long if it’s short and if it’s long, head to the barber and get a cut. Don’t try the scissors out if you’re not a professional as you may end up giving him a bad cut. The salon will be able to play around with different styles without making a mistake. They can only give suggestions, but at the end of the day it’s his hair and he has the final say. The moment you tell someone you want a makeover, that’s when they come with all kinds of suggestions. Don’t allow him to be bullied into something that’s not right for him.


Facial hair


Facial hair grooming is a sacred art for men. More thought goes into it than one would actually think. Each meticulous stroke of the razer is applied to not scar the skin or make a mistake that could ruin a reputation. Unlike a bad haircut, bad facial grooming can’t be hidden by a cap. It takes a decent pair of clippers and a steady hand to get the job done. Have him pay special attention to his nostrils, eyebrows and ears if any hairs peer through. Be sure to pluck, wax or shave carefully.


Invest in good quality products


To reinvent your look not only means to dress differently but also change your approach to styling. Let him understand this process. It’s not simply about buying new men’s shoes. Don’t let him try just any product on the market. Seek out the best by making use of samples and reading product reviews. There are a number of special care products for men but not all of them provide the same purpose. Sprays, waxes and moisturisers for men are abundant but if he’s not wise about it you can fall short of a good quality product. By paying a little extra he’s ensuring he’llget the best value for money.

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