Remodelling tips for your dream bathroom

June 2, 2016

It’s the place where we can switch off and escape from reality. The bathroom isn’t only the place where you’ll find the toilet, sink or bath. It’s the place where inspiration is born and where endless daydreaming takes place. Make your bathroom special by renovating it, but before you do that you may have to consider these basics first.




Proper lighting in your bathroom can be the difference between drab and fab.


Choose between task, decorative and ambient lighting. With task lighting you’ll be able to see yourself better and is ideally situated around the mirror area. Ambient lighting can be used to filter out dark spots in your bathroom. Install ambient lights along the perimeter of the bathroom for effective lighting. As for decorative lighting, this lighting scheme gives a softer, subtle feel to the bathroom. It’s great for showing off bathroom sets, artificial flowers or decor pieces.


Choose the best vanity and fixtures


The vanity and fixtures can change the entire look and feel of the bathroom. It’s not only the place where your wash your hands and store items. Choosing a too small vanity section can later have an impact on the amount of countertop space and storage you need. But if this section is too big, it could be in the way of your bathroom’s main walking path. Choose wisely, but at the end of the day it comes down to personal taste.


The bath


Baths may have lost their popularity throughout the years but if your budget and space allows for it, then why not get one? Choose a bath that goes well with your entire decor theme. Baths come in different shapes and sizes that’ll perfectly suit your taste.


Consider your budget


Before taking on any new project that involves renovating your home, you need to have a look at your budget. Ensure your budget is in line with the size of the project, the cost of quality raw materials and labour costs. Consider the cost involved before thinking about how you’ll renovate your bathroom. Once you know what your total cost in renovations will be, you work around your budget.


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