Safety tips with power tools

November 20, 2015

Power tools are essential to every enthusiastic homeowner. They allow us to take charge of our vision of our homes, so that it can become reality. But, considering the power they have, it also means that we need to consider just how we use them – particularly in terms of safety to our bodies.

Information is key to all safety: often it is misuse, fuelled by ignorance, which results in accidents. Tools that are designed for one purpose get used for another and, thus, fail: Using a screwdriver to get a nail into a wall, for example, is not only ineffective but dangerous. You’re also more likely to damage the area you’re trying to improve on.

When you buy a power tool, make sure to read the instructions and know precisely why you have the tool. Don’t just rely on images you’ve seen: do research to so that you know the difference between a miter saw and a reciprocating saw.

The wrong tool for the job is dangerous.

But even when you have acquired the right tool, you can’t afford to act unthinkingly around it. For example, get into a habit of unplugging tools you are not using. Even tools that seem harmless could harm – since nothing is ever harmful on its own, only in what it can potentially do.

Essential to safety is gear: Using goggles, gloves, wearing appropriate footgear, covering your hair and wearing mask are all vital to safe power tool use.

Another important tip is to avoid wearing draping clothes, since there’s a chance these could get caught in various mechanisms and cause unfortunate accidents. It might be wise, then, to wear overalls or other outfits that can be tied around your body.

Lighting is also important: While natural light is preferable (since it’s free and healthier), you should also make sure you have artificial light. It’s perhaps best to acquire lighting that relies on batteries rather than plugs: for one, the fewer plugs you use, the better. This means less drainage on your electricity and less chance of tripping up other machines. Second, if the power suddenly goes out, you aren’t left in the dark holding a dangerous piece of machinery.

Safety is as essential as any tool. While we’d all like to get the latest Makita power tools, we also need to know how to use them – not only to avoid accidents but to get the best results and to be the most effective in terms of achieving our DIY goals.

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