Selling used underwear – it’s a thing

July 13, 2015

By now you’ve probably heard about the vending machines in Japan that sell used underwear. And if you haven’t, well… they exist. The market for previously-worn knickers is rather large, and not just in Japan. Just a quick google search shows that there are a ton of websites out there selling second-hand (unwashed) panties. Ladies underwear has always been a profitable business… and apparently there is a whole other target market out there.

The question is: why would people out there pay money for used knickers? According to pantydeal.com (a website that trades in previously-worn panties), “The sniffing used panties trend had small beginnings some twenty years ago in Japan, however men from all over the world are participating in the used pantie trade. Males and females have a different scent that only the opposite gender is keen to pick up on. Men who purchase used panties get an erotic thrill when they sniff the underwear, very much like some males enjoy sniffing women’s shoes.”

According to kotaku.com the used panties vending machine trend was popular in the 1990s. The problem with these vending machines is that they sold underwear previously worn by Japanese school girls, which violated the country’s child welfare laws. Understandably, the business became illegal in 1993.

On the internet, however, the business is booming and there is a large market for the second-hand underwear. Of course, the sellers have to be older than the age of consent. “Both selling and buying used panties is perfectly legal as long as the transaction is fair and equitable,” states pantydeal.com.

Selling used underwear sounds like an easy way to make a quick buck with minimal effort. But is it really safe? According to had2know.com it’s safe to sell your underwear online as long as you make sure that your identity and privacy is protected.

The thing is: who is the target market? Who are the people who go out of their way to purchase worn and unwashed underwear? “In most cases, the used pantie customer is not a social deviant or one to be judged by a lower standard. Your customers will include male professionals, blue collar workers, retired gentlemen and college students. Many men enjoy the scent of a woman who does not wear perfume or cover her natural aroma with fragrant hair products. The used panties for sale are merely an extension of this desire to take a whiff of the female scent,” says pantydeal.com.

It seems like the trade is a lot more prominent online than here in South Africa. Although there is a twitter account offering this product, there don’t seem to be many secure sites that offer this service professionally.


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