Slicing the wedding budget in half

August 19, 2016

Reducing your wedding budget may sound like an impossible process to do. The cost of decor items, plus food, and not to mention the wedding dress can all cost a pretty penny. For one day only, your special day can either leave you in debt or it can be a start of new journey with no haunting wedding debt. Your wedding day can be special without it having to be expensive. All you need is a little initiative and cutting on a few costs where it matters.


Use what’s at your disposal


If you’re having an intimate wedding in your garden, you’ll be at home so there’s no need to hire extra furniture for your reception. You may make use of your dining room furniture or lounge suites. If your friend has an elegant table, ask them if you can use it for the day to use as a small table to display the wedding cake or guestbook.


Think smart not fancy when it comes to the food


A catering service which requires you to pay per person may cost you more money than a buffet table. You may not have to sacrifice your honeymoon fund for the cost of food. Before choosing your menu, see which foods are cheaper then work your way around it.


Pull in your friends


If any of your friends have a skills or a trade which you can use to benefit your wedding then rope them in to help you out.  A friend who is a pianist or DJ can play at your reception party. Ask a friend who can take amazing photographs to use as your photographer. Some of them may provide you with a discount. Express your gratitude to those who help you and remain humble.


Try a Sunday wedding


Most people choose to wed on a Saturday. It’s the only day of the week which most people are free, however, the same can be said for Sunday. Due to the fact that most weddings occur on Saturdays, the cost of the venue is pricey or all Saturday bookings have already been made. Wedding venues during the week or on Sundays are often much cheaper.


Ensure your venue provides decor


Certain venues only provide the hall but may not provide the tables and chairs. Choose a suitable venue which provides these at no extra charge. If the tables and chairs are included into the venue cost, you may be saving on money rather than hiring the extras. An empty venue at an expensive price can quickly start eating into your budget if you have to see to paying for the extra furniture.


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