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Spoil your kitchen with necessary Smeg appliances

May 11, 2018

If you love being in the kitchen and making hearty meals for yourself and the household, you deserve to spoil it a little. And what better way to spoil your kitchen than with Smeg appliances?

Smeg is an Italian appliance and lifestyle brand for corporates as well as homeowners. They have been running for over 70 years and are the trendsetters of contemporary home (specifically, kitchen) living. Now that you’re convinced, here are some Smeg appliance options for you to choose from as a necessary appliance and accessory to your sleek, modern and contemporary kitchen.


No one can deny the fact that they need a cooker of sorts in the house. This can be an oven, hob or both. In the range of cooking appliances, Smeg has to offer:

  • Hobs: Smeg offers you the choice of gas, electric and induction hobs with straight or angled edges to seamlessly integrate with your kitchen tops. Your gas hobs come in the colours of brushed stainless steel, black and silver-mirrored glass and are all products of the classic Smeg design.
  • Ovens: They also have built-in ovens that fit comfortably amongst your countertops. You can choose between gas and electric ovens that are all designed with classic knobs and simple control panels for ease of use and a clean aesthetic. Powered by thermo-ventilation, multiple cooking functions and laced with everclean enamel, these ovens make cooking effortless.  
  • Concert cookers: Then they have their freestanding, amazing, concert cookers. All gas, all electric or a gas/electric combination. Among this cooker category, you’ll get a taste for the Smeg colours we have all come to know and love. Their Symphony and Victoria ranges come in the black, cream, red and baby blue and it’s the one thing you can put in your kitchen that can change the entire look and feel of the space. Well, the concert cooker and matching fridge perhaps.

Extractor fan

If you’re going to have any of those amazing cooking appliances in your kitchen, you’re going to need an extractor fan to go with it. From full-on extractor fans to subtle and integrated extractor hoods, Smeg has an extractor range with a product to complement your cooker.

Extractor fans remove the grease in the air and prevent the house from smoking out when pots and pans are on the go. It helps with ventilation in the room and the Smeg extractors are relatively quiet as far as extractor fans go. They go hand-in-hand with ovens and stovetops, you simply can’t have the one without the other. Feel free to use that later in an effort to convince your partner you absolutely need these appliances in your life.


Another necessary Smeg appliance (and appliance in general) is a refrigerator. And you’d be lying to yourself if you say you’ve never fantasised about having a mint Smeg 50’s retro-style fridge in your kitchen. We all want one.

But if the retro look isn’t going to work in your home, Smeg still offers quality refrigerators, freezers and fridge/freezer combinations. They even have a side-by-side combination fridge and freezer under their home appliance resumé. And if you already have a fridge that does its job and looks alright, you could always buy a mini Smeg integrated bar fridge. Or, even better, a 50’s retro style bar fridge in one of the stand-out Smeg colours every kitchen craves.

Countertop spoils

Countertops form part of your kitchen and therefore also need to be spoiled by Smeg. If your cooker and fridge appliances are going to be neutral stainless steel, the least you could do is buy a countertop appliance to bring in a pop of colour and retro Smeg style.   

  • Espresso machine:  All you need for your coffee fix in the morning is a single or double shot function, depending on the type of morning it is. And your new Smeg retro-style espresso machine can do just that and look good while doing so.
  • Mixer: If you don’t consider yourself a baker or scrambled egg maker, you may not see the need for a mixer. What if you were told that the Smeg mixers have an accessory port that can take accessories to make pasta? Mixers make cooking effortless and speedy, two things many home cooks are begging for in the kitchen.   
  • Juicer: Why wouldn’t you want a retro-style juicer sitting on top of your kitchen counters? If you want to get the family into healthy eating and fresh fruit-juice drinking, then one could argue that you need one.

Scullery spoils

So that’s your kitchen covered, but what about your scullery? That’s where the hard work happens and it could do with a Smeg spoil or two.

  • Dishwasher: Smeg has slim, silver and modern-looking 60cm dishwashers with 10 programmes and 13 place settings. Dishwashers save water, time and effort so there’s no arguing that you need one, especially in a family home. And if you want to do Smeg the right way, there are brightly coloured, retro, semi-integrated Smeg dishwashers too. Everything in your kitchen can match, who wouldn’t want that?
  • Washing machine: Most Smeg appliances have an energy rating of A+ and above. Their washing machines, for example, are rated A++. In white or silver, there will be no torn hearts over which retro colour scheme you want to bring in through the appliances. Simple design and superb performance.

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