Spoiling yourself this summer

January 5, 2017

2016 has finally come to an end. It was a long and productive year. You’ve reached all your goals and worked hard to achieve them. If you want to stay motivated, don’t be so focused that you forget the little things, like spoiling yourself. You need a little indulgence to keep you going.

As a woman, you always try to impress and satisfy others. It’s time to take care of yourself for once. Every now and then you have to put your laptop and notebooks aside and rest. You have to try and escape from your daily life and live in the moment. You don’t have to go all out and pamper yourself. You can even do it at home. After all, it’s the little things that count.

Spoiling yourself isn’t just nice, it makes you a better businesswomen, mom, partner and friend. As a woman, you need a good massage and regular mani-pedis. You need a long bubble bath and a girls night with your friends. But, then you start thinking of everything else you should be doing instead because it’s more important. Snap out of that mode and smell the roses.

Have you ever just wanted a day full of relaxation? Here are a few ways to spoil yourself and get ready for 2017.

Plan a spa day

This might be a little pricey if you go to a proper spa. However, you can always do it at home with your bestie. Get yourself in a calm and peaceful environment. Play soft music in the background and throw a few roses here and there to get the real spa effect. Flickering candles are also the perfect way to get you in a calm and relaxed mood. Make yourself a nice cup of herbal tea or lemon water and keep it on the side.

Get your beauty sleep

Taking an afternoon nap can make you feel alive and energised. It’s basically just what your body needs after a draining year. Whenever you’re at home, taking a power nap will do wonders to your system. And as they say, a woman needs her beauty sleep. You can curl up in bed or on the couch and snuggle in for a quick nap. Aim for about 20 to 30 minutes. If you stay longer than that in bed, you’ll end up more tired than what you were before.

Shopping spree

There’s basically nothing better and more relaxing than spending your money on a few goodies with your friends. Now this doesn’t always mean you have to spend a fortune, you can still budget for this. However, you mustn’t purchase those normal everyday items. That means no bread, milk or toilet paper. Get something you’ve always wanted. Look at the lingerie online and check out whether the shopping mall you’re heading to has the women’s underwear in your size. Think about makeup, shoes, handbags and more makeup. This is the only day that’ll allow you to go wild. So don’t let anyone or anything stop you from having the shopping spree of your life.

Eat out

Do you know a restaurant that just opened or that you’ve never visited? That super exclusive and tasty one that you’ve been driving past whole year. Well, book yourself a table. If you have friends who’ll be keen to go with you, then why not make it a girls night out? Home cooked meals are always a healthier option and it’s cheaper, but spoiling yourself every now and then is a must.

Get a foot massage

Your feet never get time to rest, assuming you’re on them all day. This is probably the part of your body that gets the least amount of attention. A foot massage won’t only make your feet feel good but also the rest of your body. Massage it gently and slowly and take your time with this. Wherever you feel cramps, pain and burrs under your feet – that’s the area to focus on. A foot massage will make you feel relaxed and automatically bring a smile to your face.

Something for the sweet tooth

Chocolate! Most  people are fond of this and simply can’t live without it. Especially when it melts away in your mouth. What better way to spend some time than to sit back, relax and enjoy a mouth-watering piece of chocolate? It calms you and makes you forget about the day for a moment. This’ll put you in a relaxed mood and will instantly bring happiness to your life.

Whenever life becomes crazy and you sit with a full schedule, always remember to take time out. There’s nothing worse than going through life unhappy and not doing what you want to do. So take some time off and do you and your body a favour by pampering it a bit.

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