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Handbags throughout history: the evolution of the humble purse

February 19, 2018

Your handbag is one of your most closely guarded items. Often it holds more than just your purse and cell phone, also your diary, organiser, lip gloss, face powder, face wipes, emergency gum, pens, lipliner… the list is endless. The history of the handbag is an interesting one, starting in the stone age and evolving into what we have now. Handbags started out as men’s accessories In the early 1900s, the idea of a ladies’ handbag was fairly non-existent. A…

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Things every woman needs in her handbag

October 11, 2017

The world is full of very busy people. Women just lug around a handbag to make sure, firstly, that they look good while they’re so busy and, secondly, that they have everything they need (and may possibly need) to be efficiently busy. The handbag is the ultimate power tool for ladies to be prepared for anything that may, otherwise, disrupt their schedules. Everyone laughs at you for being over prepared until they need their shirt button reattached or a tissue…

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