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Moving house? Here are some great packing tips

August 30, 2018

People move for hundreds of different reasons. They move to be closer to work, to live with their partner, for a change of scenery or for financial reasons. It doesn’t matter why they’re moving, it only matters that “moving house” requires a great deal of packing and preparation. In that regard, every move is the same. There’s no need to make the move more stressful than it already is. So, to make it easier for yourself and to simplify the…

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5 things to do before moving out

September 22, 2017

You’ve been through many phases of your life and now it’s time for the next one: buying a house. It’s normal to be excited, but soon that excitement of moving into a new place will wear off. Then the panic of packing up boxes and actually moving will set in. Moving can be very stressful and complicated. You can end up forgetting about important things, stuff that can cause last minute panic. And it doesn’t matter how organised you are,…

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How to live with a best friend

October 31, 2016

Moving out? Who do you move in with? Well, living with a best friend can be an option. Not only can you share out the rent payments between you, but you can also enjoy their company 24/7. However it’s not always as easy as it seems, living with your best friend can do more harm than good because it puts your friendship to the test and you might start to see sides of them that you never thought existed. First…

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5 things to do before moving out of your house

October 28, 2016

You’ve just signed the paperwork on a new home. But soon the excitement of getting settled at your new place will wear off, and the panic of packing up boxes will set in. Moving is stressful and complicated and it’s easy to forget important things – stuff that can cause last minute panic. No matter how organised you think you are, when you’re moving out of your house, it’s almost always a stressful time. Here are a few tips on…

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Tips for living in a new town

October 10, 2016

Many of us might find ourselves moving into a new area, whether town, city or country, because of new work opportunities, studies and so on. This could be due to business or family. Whatever the reason, this takes us out of our comfort zone and puts us in a position of vulnerability. Though each place is different, there are overarching steps we can take, to help us adjust, that are worth considering. 1. Know where essential stores are One of…

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