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Summer is almost here: take a moment to refresh and ready yourself

October 9, 2018

The few sunny days we’ve experienced during spring have only made us more excited for the summer to come. With summer around the corner, we need to take a moment to refresh and ready ourselves for a new season. And by this it means putting our health and wellness first. Everybody take a deep breath in… and let it out. Here’s how you can live your best life in the beautiful country of South Africa this summer. Get your health…

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How to protect yourself from summer heat

November 16, 2016

After cold and brutal winters, people are eager to spend more time outdoors in warmer temperatures. However, once these temperatures peak, people must remember to stay safe in the sun. Heat related health conditions, such as heat stroke or heat exhaustion, can become life threatening. Here are five ways to protect yourself from the heat. Avoid exercising during peak hours During extremely hot days, exercising early in the morning or later in the evening is ideal. When people perform strict…

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How to stay healthy in summer

November 3, 2016

Every season we find some excuse to disregard healthy lifestyles. All of winter, some of us told ourselves it was the rain and cold preventing us from exercising outdoors. Now that it’s summer, we might claim it’s too hot to go anywhere near a gym. These are excuses and bad ones. We must find ways to stay healthy and fit during summer, as we should every season. We all want a better life, fewer days of being ill and to…

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