Take your passion to the next level

September 8, 2015

food-woman-camera-girlWhile slaving away at your typical nine-to-five job it helps if you have a hobby or interest to look forward to. Perhaps something you tinker with on the weekends, or maybe even only now and then when you get round to it. Most people have that special something they take pride in outside of the normal working day.

Are you giving enough time and energy to your passion though? This doesn’t necessarily mean devoting all your free time into making it money-making career opportunity, just taking your hobby to the next level. In other words, giving it enough attention so that you can feel truly proud about it. We see so many articles and tips and tricks on how to get the most of our work hours so we can be as productive as can be, but what about our side projects?

For the sake of your sanity, give your hobby a chance to truly flourish.

Find the time

Time is of course a big factor, but it doesn’t have to be insurmountable. Often you won’t even have to cut out anything to free up time, it’s just a matter of managing your time better so you don’t waste 20 minutes here and there doing nothing important. For instance, plan your grocery shopping so you only need to go once a week for one big trip, not three times a week for smaller trips.

However, maybe something does have to give to make room for your hobby. How about deleting Facebook, saying no to one social occasion a week or limiting the number of series you watch? What is going to give you the most satisfaction in the long run? Devoting time to your passion or keeping up with House of Cards?

Get over the 10 000 hour rule

Much of what probably stops you from giving your all to your passion are mental constraints, not physical ones like time and cost. There is this pervasive concept of the 10 000 hour rule. It was originally used to describe how many hours of focused practice it took world-class musicians and athletes to achieve their elite competitive level. Somehow through broken telephone this has gotten interpreted to mean that to get good at anything it takes 10 000 hours, so why even start? In this Ted Talk, Josh Kauffman debunks this myth and shows that it’s actually possibly to get reasonably good at just about anything with 20 hours, if you spend those hours properly.

Don’t let money stop you

Ask yourself what is really stopping you from taking your hobby to the next level. Is it really the cost? Perhaps you need to pay for music lessons to get over the initial learning curve. Perhaps you need to buy bakkie accessories if you really want to make off-roading your weekly adventure. Money is a legitimate concern, but ask yourself if that’s really what’s stopping you, or if it’s just an excuse.

You need something special that occupies your time and thoughts without the stress of making it fund your pension plan. Whether it is a competitive sport, a collection or an artistic skill, what is your outlet? Stop making excuses and start getting round to it.

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