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The art of planning a party

March 9, 2017

When you decide to have at your party at the house, the main aim is to let loose and have an amazing time with friends and family. To gather around, eat amazing food, take off your shoes and dance the night away. Whether you have enough rhythm to put Beyoncé to shame or you have two left feet, the point of a party is to create long-lasting memories.

Planning for a function can be stressful and tedious, but if you are organised and plan ahead, it’ll be smooth sailing.

Invitation list

When you make a list of invites for your function, make sure the people’s personalities will gel and they’ll get along. If you are having a dinner party and your guests don’t have much in common, then it might make for one long, uncomfortable night. Choose your guests seating carefully so as to make sure they are at ease with the person they will be sitting next to the whole night. You know your guests pretty well and you should have an idea of which personalities will clash.

Don’t overcrowd your space. If your space is small, avoid squashing people into that tiny space by inviting more people than you should. If you know your lounge can only accommodate nine people, don’t invite twice that number.

And inviting masses of people over might cause you to overspend on your budget. Stick to a number you’ll be able to afford to cater for.

Ensure that you send the invitations way in advance so your guests can prepare themselves. Most people have hectic schedules and other things planned so they need to be notified weeks beforehand.


Make a budget and stick it. Long after your guests have left, you’ll have to face the dirty piles of dishes, debris strewn all over the floor and balloons floating around that still need to be popped. The last thing you want to deal with is debt. Choose the number of guests carefully and don’t go crazy when you buy food and drinks.

Food and drinks

Plan your menu carefully. Make sure you cater for everyone’s diet. If you are having a dinner party, you don’t want one of your guests to stay hungry the entire night. Serve vegetarian and non–vegeterian dishes so everyone’s needs are catered for.

Make sure you have plenty of ice and drinks to go around the whole night.

If you are always hosting dinner parties, you might want to invest in stainless steel cookware that makes cooking a joy. They are durable and long-lasting, which means you can host dinner parties for many years to come. And the flavours in your dish won’t be influenced because the metallic properties of the cookware don’t come off onto the food.

Neighbours etiquette

Be considerate and tell your neighbours beforehand that there will be a function at your house. If you have guests over for the night, the noise level will likely increase. It’s common courtesy to give your neighbours a heads up about what will be happening so they aren’t caught off guard. Also, try to control the noise level after 11pm. Negotiate with your neighbours on which hours you will blast the music and when you will turn it down. Your neighbours also need their rest too. And you don’t want to make an enemy of your neighbours.

If you live in a complex and your guests will be dancing the night away, why don’t you consider putting rugs on the floor so your neighbours don’t have to hear your guests jumping and moving about in their stilettos.

Remove all breakable items that you treasure. When you are entertaining guests at your home the whole aim should be to relax, have fun and laugh the night away. If you have breakables that you are particularly sentimental about, you might spend the whole night worried about someone bumping into that special item.


Pick a date that will be convenient for your guests. Christmas eve, or a random Tuesday during the week isn’t likely to attract a lot of guests. Remember, the whole point is to have enough people come over to actually have a party.

It may be fine for some but for others, it’s a bad idea. Try and stay away from days that are usually family orientated or days during the week when people have to wake up early the next day to go to work.  Choose a date that will suit all your guests.

Tidy your house

Clean your house and make sure it’s neat and tidy. Dust and remove any stains on your furniture. Make sure your house is spotless for your guests to be comfortable.
After all, the point is for you to have fun. Take off that jacket and tie, enjoy the company around you and relax.

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