The basics of hosting a private function

January 18, 2016

The basics of any functions is to organise and create an event that is spectacular. There are many ways to make your private function a special one, all it takes is attention to detail, organising skills and the willpower to stick to your budget. Getting the invites ready, setting up the decor and planning the food and drink will be an easy one if you follow these steps to success.


Setting up the menu


First off, find out if any of the guests have any allergies, the last thing you want is for a couple of people to feel excluded from the yummy food that you will present. If you are unsure of their dietary needs, cater two sets of dishes such a white meat, a read meat and a vegan dish – that way you know that you have at least gone the extra mile to cover the basics. The menu may not be the highlight of the day, but it should at least accommodate all this finishings.


Prepare for the worst in every possible case, so if the power goes out, you will have a backup – such as generator financing. You know your friends and family, so it can’t be hard on deciding what everyone will like. Choose appetizers that are quick to serve and go well together. To get it all over and done with, use recipes that can be prepared in advance.


The decor you need


The ambience sets the tone of any function. The moment your guests step foot inside your venue, they should be be captivated by the decor. If you’re hosting a dinner party with a 60’s theme, guests should feel they entered into a time warp of the 1960’s. Don’t over do your table as the food still need to be plated on the table. Consider using small accent pieces that spaciously fit on your table.


Many hosts over compensate for the dinner table, that they forget the food should still be brought to the table. leave enough room space for everyone around the table.  No matter what you decide to do, it will be a success.If the food is good, the rest will follow. Also keep in mind that it’s the time of the year where friends and family get to spend time together. The decor and food come after friends and family.

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