The best factory tours to take your kids on

November 25, 2015

When vacationing abroad, the normal outings are the ones the kids enjoy. Outings like going to the beach, museums, play parks, water parks etc, but a rather uncommon trip is one to a factory. That’s right. A factory. There are plenty to do, see and learn from. The manufacturing business may even spark a keen interest in engineering products. School outings normally expose kids to factory tours, but what better way to learn something new with your kid while on vacation?

Big Wind Kite Factory

The kite factory in Molokai, Hawaii, allows tourists to create their own kites and also teaches them how to fly it. Your kids will get a chance to exciting handcraft their own kites and windsocks, where the locals will direct you to the best spots for flying your kites.

Crayola Factory

The famous crayon factory is based in Easton, Pennsylvania. Though you can’t go into the Crayola manufacturing plant itself, they are able to teach you how crayons are made at its visitor center, where little ones can colour and play to their heart’s content. The Crayola factory is like entering into a giant crayon box, where you get to explore for hours on end.

Williamsburg Doll Factory

In Williamsburg, Virginia, you will find the home of porcelain collector dolls. You will get to explore and see how the pretty dolls are made, and even get to see how the dolls are painted during a free tour through the factory. They must have gotten the best machinery finance in order to produce the best quality dolls.

Tom’s of Maine Factory

Ever wondered how the toothpaste goes into the tube? In Sanford, Maine, you get to find out in the Tom’s of Maine. The excellent aspect of this tour is that it is absolutely free, however, they are only conducted during summer time and reservations are required.

Jelly belly tour

For the love of jelly beans! The jelly bean factory is about an hour north of San Francisco, in Fairfield, California. Kids will to see the variety of jelly beans and how they are processed. The tour is about 40 minutes in walking distance, so be sure to wear comfortable shoes on the day. You and your young ones will then learn why it takes about seven days to make a single candy

For a day filled with fun, you most definitely need to  go on a factory tour, and because the features are produced in house, you will be paying discount for any goodies you decide to purchase. Great savings and a learning experience you will be thrilled to put your mind to.


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