The best things you can do for yourself in your mid-twenties

April 18, 2018

Being in your mid-twenties is an amazing time to be alive. You’re officially adult enough to operate in the real world and still young enough to have a good time. You are still figuring things out but have efficient control over your life as well.

The best things you can do for yourself during this time of your life are things you’re either already doing, haven’t thought about or did in your early twenties already. Wherever you are,  you can benefit by reading this article as a little reminder of what you’ve accomplished and a motivator for where you are going.

Take an interest in the world around you

In your mid-twenties, it’s important to have an opinion on everything this world has to offer. It’s a conversation starter, a way to relate to different people, an eye opener into things you feel need to change and a great way to boost your general knowledge.

From the problem of plastic in the ocean to what the presidents of the world are up to, how technology is developing and where arts and culture are changing societies. There’s so much to learn about that, once you know about it, will affect the way you see yourself and your role in society. It may bring to light new passions and dreams for your life you never before considered.

You can’t afford to be behind on the times. Otherwise, you’ll end up as one of those old people who complain about everything only because they don’t know better. And that’s not something anyone should strive towards.  

Only stay in a job you’re happy in

You may be well into developing your career or you may only be starting out after years of studying. Regardless, you’re still young enough to change your mind and start over if you find something else that interests you. You’ll never be too old to “go back to school” but it hasn’t been too long since you last studied so it’s also a good time to consider hitting the books and furthering your qualifications.

Moral of the story, you’re too young to feel stuck or unhappy with your job. Your life is still flexible enough to erase a couple of pages and rewrite a chapter or two of your life story. There are so many different career choices out there. You will be able to find the combination of qualifications, experience and things you love in one job – you just need to search for it. And don’t be afraid to take risks. There’s no harm in applying for something and making the move to relocate might be the best thing that’s ever happened to you.

Only stay in a job if you’re happy and excited to be there. Otherwise, pack up your things and find the career that will make you happy (and pay the bills of course).

Take control of all accounts

As much as money from the parents is appreciated, it’s time to take control of all your accounts. Cellphone, rent, petrol, car and whatever else your parents may be undertaking for you. If you ever want to reach full independence, you need to take this step. If your parents choose to still help you out after that, that’s on them and a bonus for you.

But it’s important to have your accounts under your name at the least. It will help with finance, credit, proof of address (which always seems to be a mission to obtain) and it will give you total control over all the aspects of your life.

Get medical aid

This is something you really need to do if you haven’t done it already. Medical aid can save you from incredible amounts of debt. The best part is that there are so many different types of medical coverage and cheap medical aid plans to choose from. Don’t be under the impression of medical aid being unaffordable and out of reach, because it’s not.

Do yourself the favour and do some research, get some quotes and get some medical aid already! The repercussions will be far worse than the monthly fee you end up paying for coverage. Make sure you know what your medical aid plan covers and that it’s enough for the type of lifestyle you lead.

Be spontaneous

It’s very easy to fall into the habit of going to bed early because there’s work the next day. Or sleeping in on weekends because there’s work during the week. Or staying home to watch series because people are weird… You’re in your mid-twenties. If you don’t have dependents or a family beckoning you home every night, then do something a little different every now and then.

Go out for a drink with friends on a Wednesday night. Be responsible about it and you won’t have to regret it in the morning by wearing shades to work. Go to the movies on a Friday night instead of trying to stream a movie online and giving up halfway because of buffering. Take the offer to go on a family holiday again even if you think it’s lame. In fact, travel wherever and whenever possible. Discover everything there is to do in your city.

Basically, be spontaneous now and again to spice things up. Routines are great for organisation, but there’s hardly room for fun and adventure that way.

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