The best time to buy a car

August 5, 2015

If you’re ready to purchase a brand new car, but don’t want to spend money way over your budget, then you are in for a treat. There are actually good and bad times to buy a car, but it also depends on your negotiation skills and patients. Before you know it you will be driving out of the showroom with a few bucks to spare on shopping.

Those quotas can benefit you

Car salespeople and car dealerships must meet quotas. A salesperson who doesn’t meet quota might not be able to pay rent at the end of the month, so they depend on a sale to be made for them to meet their quotas. A dealership that doesn’t meet the quota might get stuck with a showroom full of slow-selling and unprofitable models instead of more desirable cars. This is one of the worst possible predicaments that can possibly happen and is not and for any dealership. Now that you are aware of the quota system, choose the last couple of days of the month to try to make a deal, the salesperson will probably be desperate to make a deal.

Best season to buy  

During spring and summer people are generally in a better mood and that leaves the door open for spending. Not many people get out in winter and don’t go on a hunt to buy cars. Which is why the winter months are the best time to buy a car, it’s usually the quieter months and offers the greatest potential discounts. But don’t necessarily wait until winter to buy a car, unless you are willing to choose any good deal and not likely the car you have your heart set on. You need to decide during this time whether you want the available discount or the exact model you are hoping for. If you don’t get what you’re looking for in the price of a brand new model you can opt for choosing pre-owned cars for sale at any other dealer.

Shop early in the week

On weekends salespeople typically have their hands full with a large number of shoppers. Choose to shop for your vehicle on Monday or Tuesday can get the salesperson’s undivided attention. They will also go out of their way to treat you like the very special customer you are. No one wants to lose a special customer.

Shop at the end of the month

Salespeople thrive on keeping up their performance at work and they also get judged when their performance level drops when they don’t make a sale. When the end of the month comes making that extra sale will improve their job performance, and this can leave an employee who’s hungry for a sale very determined. A desperate salesperson can be your best ally when making the deal.

All it takes on your part is to see the opportunity for a great deal that can come your way. With that comes patients and determination.

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