The best vacuum cleaner for your home

December 15, 2015

There are many advantages to having a cordless, handheld vacuum cleaner. The ease of not having to drag the cord with you wherever you go, is a breeze for many. Vacuuming can then take place easily, all you need to do is grab the handle and off you go. There are many vacuum cleaners available on the market that choosing the right one can be puzzling thought. Most vacuum cleaners come with an array of features and functions that are foreign to most and the mere thought of having to figure out the instruction guide is a nightmare on its own. What people want is a simple vacuum cleaner that will do the job right.

Key features to look for

Battery life

The battery life of the vacuum cleaner will vary on the make and model of the machine.  Some can only operate for about five minutes on a full charge while others can operate for 30 minutes or more. Take the operation time into account, as well the battery life of the machine you are considering to get. How quick does it charge up compared to how long it will last, is the main question to give thought to.  Rapid-charging models are more energy efficient, so they won’t make a person’s electric bill go up too much, but they do cost a lot more.

The capacity

The compact size of a small vacuum cleaner won’t take up large amount of debris, but some do have larger dust bins and cups for debris storage. Should you rarely make use of your vacuum cleaner or deal with large spills, a compact model is perfect for you. Keep in mind that  machines that have larger bins are often more heavier than most. If you have taken out a home loan, you will need a vacuum cleaner that will clean up any kind of debris to refresh your new place.

Wet/Dry Functionality

It’s always good to have a multifunctional vacuum cleaner to cover all the basic needs of cleaning. Any person would want to be able to clean up any spill with their vacuum cleaner, hence the capabilities of the machine being a part of a very important aspect.

The motor of the machine

It’s essential that the vacuum cleaner you decide on purchasing has a powerful motor, in fact if the machine is equipped with two motors than it means it has more power. More power is essential to get the right amount of suction to deep clean any carpet. A dual-motor design increases efficiency and effectiveness in the best way possible.

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