The essentials every woman needs in her cupboard

October 19, 2015

Wardrobe essentials are the little beauties we find in our cupboard. They are versatile pieces or items of clothing that can blend in with various clothing styles for a job interview or a sophisticated tea party.  Wardrobe staples are the life savers of any occasion, they can be worn on all occasions without sacrificing a great look. The item of clothing you select can change an entire outfit just by the adding a couple of accessories.

An essential wardrobe item is the one that brings a winning outfit together. It can be used as a style saver – to tone down a dress or an excessively trendy outfit.  There times when looking like a rose is much better than looking like a bouquet.

The essentials that are needed

When matching up or dressing down your outfit, you can cause yourself a lot of frustration. Not knowing what should stay or what should go, can be a dilemma that will keep you for up to 40 minutes staring in the mirror.  Your wardrobe staples should be seen as a blank canvas, you’re simply adding on pieces that will bring your outfit to life. If you’re wearing a simple white dress, you can colour up your dress with statement jewellery and a pair of trendy shoes.

 The basics

Short sleeved white T-shirt – Forget about buying designer labels in the colour white. They wear out quickly and you can never get back the colour that it once was. Instead, buy a bunch of inexpensive white T-shirts and replace as necessary.

White button down shirt – Get one in cotton and one in silk. Ensure that the shirts you get are nicely fitted, that way they are easier to tuck in and look neat when left out.

A black dress – This one must be a cliché. A short black dress can be worn for many occasions because it is the ultimate necessity. Killer heals, padded bras and red lipstick has always complemented the little black dress.

Black pants – No, this one is not only for helping your friend out on a catering job.  The black pants should be an all seasonal fabric like tropical, wool or viscose. This kind of pants has been seen at church, interviews and on chilly evenings out to a special restaurant. Complementing the black pants, will always be a flowing silky top.

Denim jacket – The denim jacket is an all seasonal item, which can be worn with almost any casual outfit. It’s perfect for a cool evening, surrounded by a cosy bon fire. The denim jacket can be rocked with a mini skirt and your favourite boots, for a fun night out on the town.

The essentials are great for any season, and there is no need to neglect these items as they will always come in handy.



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