The essentials of hosting a guest in your home

February 21, 2017

Having people over requires some preparation. Whether you love hosting or you find it a bit of an ache, you need to prepare yourself, your family and your home for your family or friends who are coming to stay. Many of us willingly open our homes to those we care about. In these moments when we offer them accommodation, when they come to visit, or need a place to crash while passing through town, we don’t think about the toll it will take on us. Of course, having guests over can be fun. Even preparing for guests can be exciting. But the weeks leading up to their arrival is going to see you making lists and double checking things so that everything is just perfect.

Have a checklist which you complete before their arrival

Of course, you want your guests to feel welcomed and comfortable in your home. You want them to view your home as a shared space where they can truly relax. And you want them to want to be involved in your family and take part in the activities in your home. To make sure that you achieve these goals and your guests have the best experience while staying with you, you need to be organised by having some pre-visit tasks checked off. These are as simple as maintaining your home’s neatness and cleanliness leading up to the pending arrival. If you’ve organised a deep clean or recently had a cleaning crew come in and scrub down your abode then each day make sure to keep up their good work. Or you may find you need another deep clean just before the guests arrive. This is particularly important when you have kids and pets.

Stock up on the absolute necessities pre-visit

Another pre-visit tip is to ensure you have stocked up on essentials, such as toilet paper, air freshener, washing powder, tissues and so on. You don’t want to have to run out to the shops everyday because you didn’t stock up. Also, on the days leading up to their arrival, make sure you do as much of your laundry as possible so that, should they need to do a load while they’re staying with you, they won’t have to join a queue. And probably the most important thing to do in your pre-visit preparation stage is email your guests with the necessary information. For instance, they might want to let their family or work know where they are in case of an emergency but they will also appreciate not having to ask you for this information every time they might need it. Type up an email which succinctly lists your email address, physical address, all contact numbers, emergency numbers and WiFi details.

Offer them other options aside from what you have planned

While your guests likely want to spend time with you and your family, they may also want to do some exploring by themselves. Or if you happen to have to head into the office or attend to something unforeseen and they are left to their own devices, they will want to know how to spend their time. Therefore, make sure you have spare keys for them to come and go as they please and create a little information pack on places to visit and things to do. This is also a nice touch if you want them to tell you what they’d be interested in.

Make sure they can rest easy

Of all the areas in the home to pay attention, your guests’ bedrooms are most important. Many people don’t have designated guest bedrooms and, at best, they might have one spare room. There are many easy alternatives, such as offering your guests your bedroom and investing in a comfortable pull out couch for the kids. Whatever you decide, you must make sure that wherever they sleep, they will remain comfortable and have everything they might need. Making sure everything is clean is a good starting point. But for you and them to feel comfortable in your home, ensure that you have fresh duvet covers and pillow slips. The type of linen you use will depend on the weather. You can certainly use your most luxurious duvet cover no matter the season but if it’s cold then use a winter sheet for extra warmth and comfort. Have extra pillows on hand because everyone is different when it comes to how many pillows provide the right neck support. Also, have a spare duvet cover and pillow slips clean and ready for changing the bedding during their stay. You might invest in some luxury linen spray, place a water jug and glasses in the room, ensure there is a box of tissues and ample space for them to pack out their clothing and essentials. These little additions can make your guest feel most welcome and relaxed.

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