Things every woman needs in her handbag

October 11, 2017

The world is full of very busy people. Women just lug around a handbag to make sure, firstly, that they look good while they’re so busy and, secondly, that they have everything they need (and may possibly need) to be efficiently busy. The handbag is the ultimate power tool for ladies to be prepared for anything that may, otherwise, disrupt their schedules.

Everyone laughs at you for being over prepared until they need their shirt button reattached or a tissue for their nose.

Health things

There are some standard health goodies that every woman should keep in her handbag to be ready for a quick fix or clean.

  • Hand sanitiser: When it comes to shopping, handling money, opening and closing doors and shaking hands by the end of it all you’re going to need to get rid of those germs with hand sanitiser before moving on. No one likes feeling icky walking into a meeting.
  • Tissues: If not for you, then for your colleague who suffers from hayfever. You also never know when a sneeze may catch you off guard and expose the not-so-beautiful parts of who you are on the inside.
  • Basic medication: Headache tablets and boosting vitamins are good to have on hand if you get a headache from running around all day or need a quick energy boost. It’s also a good idea to have allergy tablets or an EpiPen on-hand if you have high-risk allergies
  • Plasters: Let’s just be honest, pointy businesswoman shoes are not comfortable. Come to think of it, not many shoes, apart from slippers, are very comfortable.
  • Water: It’s important to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day and if you’re constantly busy, you may not have time to stop and refresh. That’s where having a bottle of water on-hand will help you out.

Beauty things

There are also some must-have beauty goodies that every woman should keep in her handbag if a touch-up or outfit spruce is in order.

  • Hair things: A compact brush, hair elastic and some grip clips. That’s all you need to change from Account Executive to Soccer Mom and vice versa.
  • Creams: Something like Ingram’s to moisturise and promote blood flow at the same time – we’re all about that multi-tasking life. Hard working women need that extra bit of help to keep their skin feeling soft throughout the challenges of the day.  
  • Sweet smelling: We all know that 24-hour deodorants don’t last long enough so it’s always a good idea to keep perfume in an atomiser (perfect size for your handbag) and spritz yourself every few hours to keep yourself feeling fresh even though you’ve been to three meetings, carpooled the kids and are currently preparing dinner.
  • Basic makeup: Lipstick, or gloss, and foundation are the bare necessities for a quick touch up before meeting with a client or glamouring up for a round of drinks after work. Always be prepared ladies.  
  • Chewing gum: Because it would be weird to carry around your toothbrush and brush your teeth between meetings.

Convenient things

Then we have some convenient goodies that just make life easier while constantly on the go.

  • Notebook and pen: Trying to keep track of everything by saving it in the corners of your mind is not the way to go, you’re going to forget about something and that is generally problematic.
  • Cash: This just makes things easier when quickly needing to grab a coffee or to save time from standing in line at an ATM or waiting for the card machine to connect. You’re a busy woman and have important places to be. Also, you don’t always want to send your colleague off with your bank card for a shop-run during work. Cash is king.
  • Earphones: Safe for keeping in contact with clients and the office while on the road or for shutting the world out for a moment while you have a power-hour of pure focus.
  • USB: Never worry about missing out on files from your friends because you left your hard drive or USB at home. Keeping one in your handbag means you’re prepared for a file transfer at any time.
  • Power bank: From social media scrolling, calling, using business apps, checking your emails and playing Candy Crush in your breaks, you’re going to need to charge your phone if you want to make it through the rest of the day. Keeping a charged power bank in your handbag may just save your day.

Emergency things

Now, the next few items are for just incase. If you really want to be prepared for anything you should keep these in your handbags as well:

  • Sewing kits: Clothing threads don’t hold forever and it would be extremely unfortunate if your shirt were to, inappropriately, lose a button. Carrying a mini sewing kit with you could save you some embarrassment or provide a temporary solution while you figure out your next move.
  • Sanitary products: You should know your cycle by now, but sometimes life tries to be funny and we find ourselves in awkward and uncomfortable situations. Just be prepared and you may even be able to help a fellow woman out.
  • Snacks: Everyone has their cravings and it’s always exciting to find a snack of sorts lying around. Put some of your favorite healthy snacks (and a few treats) in your handbag for when you accidently miss lunch between errands or simply need a gummy bear.

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