Things to consider when planning an office party

December 27, 2018

So, you have been chosen to plan an office party and you have no idea where to start. Maybe it’s a Christmas party or a celebration that your company has been in business for 30 years. Here are few tips to help you throw a party your colleagues will be left raving about.

Choose the perfect time for an office party

It’s important to choose the right time for an office party. Having an office party on a Monday is not the best idea. After an office party, you’d like an off day the following day. Fridays are good days and having the party a few hours before the shift ends isn’t a bad idea.

Consider that people have their own commitments, so it would be best to have it during office hours. One of the main reasons companies have an office party is so that colleagues can get to know one another. Having it during working hours allows everyone to be present and be involved.

Create a budget

Before you start planning, you need to decide on an amount. You need to send your spending budget to your boss who will either give you the go ahead or not. Once the budget has been approved, make sure you stick to that budget.

The budget amount needs to include everything, from equipment, decor, venue and food. Have a list of everything, including a price estimation. This will give you some sort of idea of how much will be spent or what you will need to cut.

Form an event team

Planning an office party is time-consuming, especially when you’re doing it alone. Have a team as it will be helpful. Each person will have their own tasks to handle, such as the decor, venue, food, drinks, entertainment, people who will be giving speeches and equipment.

Choose a theme

When choosing a theme, there are a few things to consider. Think of the nature of the party. Is it an informal or formal event? Then take it from there. Find a theme that represents your company and the people who work there. Adding the company colours isn’t a bad idea, as long as you can make it work.

Create a menu

Everybody enjoys a good meal, so it’s important to find something that will keep everyone happy. There are many food wholesalers you can choose from. Wholesale suppliers can give you a variety of food which is perfect for your party.

You can ask around, ask your family members and friends if you’re searching for wholesale distributors. Nowadays you don’t need to go to a retail store, you can also go online.

Many companies have online stores where you can find the products or food you had in mind. This makes it easier for you to plan the perfect office party right at your desk.

Tip: Try to stay away from high allergy foods or make your staff aware of what you’re serving.


Music has been known to bring people together, so make sure you have a high-quality sound system for the party. Choose different genres and be inclusive. You don’t have to get a DJ, you can compile a list of songs you know people will love and dance to.

Be inclusive

Try to include staff members or at least think about them and their needs when planning. Especially when it comes to food, try and get meals that everyone can eat. Consider people’s dietary restrictions and lifestyle choices, that way no one feels left out.

You can also create a survey for your employees, to see what they like or don’t like. This helps with planning and gives you an idea of what people will enjoy.


Decide on a venue for the party, will it be at the office or at a different location? Keep in mind the number of people who will be there, how many tables will be set and will there be enough space for the table style?  

Hosting it at the office is feasible if they’ll be enough space. If the office doesn’t have enough space, find a bigger venue which is accessible for everyone. Also, find out if the venue offers equipment or if you need to rent it out.

Party rules

Send an email to all office employees and specify the rules. Remind them that this is still a work event and they need to conduct themselves in a respectful manner. Explain the dress code, if they have a theme, formal or informal. Even if there’s a theme, remind them that they can’t be dressed inappropriately.

Explain the rules, and tell them when the party starts and ends. Lastly, explain to them that this is an office party and whether they can bring a plus one or not.

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