Things to know before getting a roommate

April 10, 2017

Finding the perfect roommate can be incredibly tricky. You could end up with a bestie for life or a match made in hell. People have their own sets of habits that could be completely different to yours. They could leave dirty piles of dishes in the sink or have their boyfriend over every second day. Sharing a space with someone can be tough and at times downright uncomfortable but you’ve got to learn to compromise. If you’ve never shared space with anyone in your entire life you’ll have to make a few adjustments.

Here are eight things you should know about before getting a roommate.


You could have exchanged a few emails with your potential roommate and you felt like they’ll make the perfect roommate. But hold your horses, don’t make the leap just yet. This is the person whose face you’ll have to see every day, who you’ll share your bathroom and space with. You might want to get to know them a little more before you make a final decision. You could use social media as a tool to find out the about the type of person they are. You’ll be able to see if they’re a party animal or if they have an aggressive nature. For example, they could post rude, offensive comments on Twitter and that could serve as a warning as to what they’re like. Figuring out their nature shouldn’t just end there, you should also have a chat with them beforehand to make sure you’re not polar opposites. Ask specific questions such as why they are moving out of their current place. If they got kicked out because they were always rowdy and rude you may have to look for other another person.  


You need to set a few ground rules before you move in with your potential roommate. Because if you don’t you could find yourself with someone who doesn’t mind invading your personal space. They may steal your toothpaste, borrow your hair dryer for the umpteenth time and drink your milk. You need to have a talk with your roommate about drawing the line as they could not be aware of how they’re affecting you. You could share the same space but that’s where it should end. Unless you give them permission of course.


You need to decide on the onset how you’ll split the chores in the house. If you’re tidy and love a clean space then you might get annoyed living with a roommate who leaves dirty dishes and pots in the kitchen sink all the time. You can decide on different duties around and alternate. For example, in one week someone could have kitchen duties and the other be responsible for cleaning the bathroom sets.

Lower rent

Sharing your room means that you’ll also share rent. This could be very beneficial if you’re on shoestring budget. Rent can be very expensive and if you’re a student or intern you might not be able to afford to rent a whole room.


When you share a space with someone you won’t get a lot of privacy and if you’re used to your own space you might find it challenging.

Sharing a room with your bestie

You should really think long and hard before you move in with a friend. You could have a close relationship with your friend but after moving in together you realise that you’re not compatible. Well, at least as roommates. Moving in could make or break a friendship. You know that old adage about, ‘You don’t know someone until you live with them’. Well, it’s true. You’ll find out about your friend’s bad habits, like leaving their clothes all over the floor or finishing all the hot water before your shower. These little things could lead to big arguments which put a strain in your friendship.

Noise levels

If you need to have complete silence when you study, then a loud roommate can make your living arrangements a nightmare. If they love blasting music loudly and talk really loudly on the phone for hours while you’re working you could find it hard to concentrate.


You and your roommate might have completely different taste in programmes. They might like to watch music videos all day, while you’d prefer catching up on a movie. When you live alone you can have the TV all to yourself. But when you share a space with someone, you have to learn to be fair as you can’t hog the TV all day. You and your roommate must learn to compromise so that there will be peace in your space.

Moving in with someone won’t be a walk in the park because they might have strange habits. But if you take the time to find out who they are beforehand and you’re willing to compromise, then you should be okay.

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