Things to look at when viewing a flat to rent

August 22, 2016

Finding the perfect flat to rent is a big decision. Once you’ve decided on an area to stay in and contacted a few rental agents, it’s time to start preparing yourself for the viewing. It’s important to go view the apartment with prepared questions in mind, as well as a few things to be aware of.

Do your homework on the property and area before you go and view. Make sure you have researched the right questions to ask because after you have signed the lease, it will be tricky to cancel it. Here are four things to look at when viewing a flat.

1) The outside area

Walk around the outside of the flat and look at how well it is kept. Take a look at the security gates and burglar bars. Are they all in good condition and are the locks in good quality and secure? If you have a small garden area look around and see how well it has been maintained. If the property is pet friendly, now is a good time to have a look at how well your furry friends will adapt to their new environment.

2) The kitchen

Does your flat come furnished or unfurnished? Some unfurnished flats still offer the basics in the kitchen area, such as kitchen counters, stoves or gas stoves. It is important to have a look at the condition of  theses items. Do the appliances work, and are they rust and mould free? Take a look at the kitchen cupboards, are they big enough to store your goods and are they in working condition?

3) Bedrooms

When walking through the bedroom ask yourself whether you can picture yourself in this space. Is the bedroom big enough for your bed and other furniture? Does the room have heating panels and are there curtains up or and/rods for you to put your own curtains on. Open the cupboards up, is there adequate amount of space for your clothes and shoes? It’s important that you ask the agent whether you are allowed to decorate the bedroom, this might include painting, hanging up pictures etc. Each property’s rules will differ, so always ask and review this in the contract too.

4) Bathroom

When in the bathroom, run the taps and make sure the taps don’t leak. Then take a look at the shower area. Is the bathroom mould free and are the sealants around the bath/shower intact? Is there room for you to move around in and is there a place for you to store your bathroom essentials, such as shampoos, toilet paper and towels?


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