Things you should do and have achieved by 30

October 19, 2016

Turning 30 seems like the time when we’re supposed to have our lives together. We should be semi-established and debt-free, and, most importantly, we should know what we want to do with the rest of our lives–right? However, there are a few things that need to be achieved before reaching that age.

Travel to another continent

Travelling, with the exposure to different climates, cultures and peoples, broadens the mind and helps develop life skills. However open-minded you are, there’s nothing like experiencing a different way of life firsthand. It also furnishes you with some great dinner party stories.

Camp under the stars

Experience the wonder of our world, with just canvas separating you from Mother Nature. It puts everything back into perspective, especially when life gets clouded by all the trappings and complexities of the modern world.

Go on a roadtrip

Even if you’ve lived in South Africa your whole life, there’s a good chance you’ve only seen a small part of it. When people travel domestically, they typically skip the off-the-beaten-path destinations and head straight for metropolitan cities. By going on a road trip, you’re giving yourself an opportunity to see all of your home–the beautiful, the surreal, and the “Wow, I can’t believe this place actually exists!”.

Live on your own

Who says living alone is lonely? There are plenty of perks to having a house/apartment to yourself. Everyone should live on their own at some stage in life. Before 30, if possible. It teaches you so many life lessons–independence, financial responsibility, domestication and lots more.

Have your own car

In this fast-paced world, managing your personal and professional lives can be really hectic. If you don’t have your own personal mode of transportation, life can become even more hectic. There are always used Nissans, Polos and Volkswagens on sale at affordable prices. To make your life easier, invest in a car.

Learn a new language

You’ll find taking the time to learn a new language, even if only the key phrases, is a great way to embrace a different culture, and to also feel like you’ve accomplished something on your travels. Learning a new language will give your brain a boost and will also open up a world of opportunities.

Bungy jump or skydive (or both)

Desperate to have your best friend join you? This adventure sport is a great opportunity to do so and have your mates share the experience with you. Bungy jumping involves great heights which enables two things: overcoming fear and a spectacular view of the surrounding area.

Enjoy the prime of your life in your twenties and embrace all that is on offer to you, whether that is travelling the world, finding yourself or identifying your ultimate passion. Just be yourself and see where life takes you.

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