Tips for a successful garage sale

January 19, 2016

Want to get rid of all your old stuff and make a buck or two on it in the process? A yard sale will bring you just that. The old saying goes, one man’s trash is another’s treasure. But in order to make a good sale you need to have a great plan behind you to get your feet off the ground. A successful garage sale isn’t one that sells out all the goods, it’s the one that generates the most money.


The perfect space


The best way to get in people is through attracting them by your surroundings. When setting up your surrounding outside area in the form of a boutique is not a bad idea. A classy, yet stylish vibe is maybe exactly what you need to lure occupants to your garage sale. If you’re selling any foods or cold drinks with your items then keep a bin close by to keep things tidy.


Get enough advertisement


Put up posters around your neighbourhood to attract people to the garage sale. Even posting it on social media may get a greater response. Put up enough advertisements in bold letters for people to immediately notice it; add your address, the date and time of the sale and an arrow pointing in the right direction.


Get enough assistance


Running things yourself will not be as easy as it seems. Ask friends or family to help with putting up the posters or helping with the displays. Your hand’s will be full and you won’t be able to help all occupants at once. To make the garage sale a bit simpler for them too, get point of sale software. Shoppers don’t always have cash at hand and yours will be the first kind of garage sale with it. Make a point of this when you write up your posters.


The value of each product


All your items need to be clearly marked with price tags, so that  bargain-hunters can’t offer a bargain-basement price on items that aren’t marked. A good measure to take are stickers with prices written on them. That way it is easy for the shoppers to remove them once they have taken the item home. Keep in mind not to overprice your product, it may be nice to make a quick but clearing out that excess clutter should be your ultimate goal. A good rule of thumb is to sell things for one-half to one-third their original price.


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