Tips for decorating an oddly shaped room

January 12, 2016

Think about most of the spaces where you spend your time. Chances are you just imagined a square or rectangular shaped room. We have become so used to spending time in these spaces, many of us battle to imagine decorating a room which is any other shape.

It has become second nature to imagine a TV against one wall and a couch against the opposite wall. When viewing a space for renting or buying, an oddly shaped room could prevent you from seeing that home’s true potential. It could cause you to miss out on an otherwise perfect home.


An oddly shaped room could have one wall longer than another, causing an awkward corner. It could also be a room with more doors than usual, meaning the walls are broken up. Here are some tips to help you decorate that oddly shaped room.


Disguise using paint. The best solution for hiding an oddly shaped space is to paint it in one uniform, light colour. This helps to hide awkward angles and odd corners by drawing the eye forward in a smooth movement.


Divide the room into separate spaces. A small nook can be used for an entirely different role, allowing it to be more functional. A reading room or study off the lounge is always a popular choice.


Create custom storage. There’s a reason that cupboards under a flight of stairs are so popular. This is an excellent way to fully utilise the space in a functional and decorative manner.


Accentuate your focal point. Most of us, irrespective of room shape, choose to have our TV as the focal point of our lounges. Don’t hesitate to do this in an oddly shaped space. Decide where you’d like to place your TV and plan the rest of the furniture placement around it. It can be tricky to get the size and shape of lounge suites right, so place this piece of furniture next.


Keep consistent. Everything which repeats through the room – think window treatments and doors – should be kept consistent. This will help the space feel more regular.
Create areas using rugs. It is also a good idea to divide the space using area rugs. Different rugs in certain areas of the room can draw the eye, break up the room and create visual interest.

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