Tips for getting your lounge show-ready

September 3, 2018

Showing your home can be a stressful time. You have to ensure that it looks perfect in order to entice buyers, which can be difficult. One of the main rooms that a buyer will look at when viewing your home is the lounge. So, you will need to ensure that it is spotless, stylish and uncluttered on the day of the viewing.

Most importantly, you will need to ensure that your furniture is clean and not damaged. An effective way to do this would be to look for couch slipcovers in South Africa. A slipcover allows you to keep your couch clean and stain-free, but there are many other tips to follow to get your lounge show-ready and looking fabulous.

Add a lick of paint

An effective way to upgrade your lounge is to repaint the walls in a fresh, new colour. The cost of painting an entire home can be costly, but you can focus on certain rooms that need to be refreshed and made more visually pleasing. This will not cost as much and will still give you the desired effect.

In your lounge, choosing a light, neutral colour is your best option. This will allow potential buyers to imagine the house as “theirs”, rather than being met with a bright room that is in a colour they dislike. A calming colour, such as pastel green or lilac, is a great choice as not only will it create a pleasant atmosphere, the room will appear larger and airier.

Spring cleaning

An effective and easy way to prepare your lounge for a showing is to clean it. You should invest in a deep-cleaning tool, such a steam-cleaner, especially if your floor is carpeted. This will allow you to remove any stains and dust, which could affect sensitive buyers or buyers who have dust allergies.

Cleaning your lounge does not have to take hours, but it should be done thoroughly. Start by dusting all shelves, tables, chairs and your TV stand, then move onto vacuuming and mopping. Be sure that you use a non-toxic furniture polish, as this will leave less lingering fumes in your house. Once you have finished cleaning, set out an oil diffuser or spritz some light airspray around the room for a pleasant aroma when viewers arrive.

Fix major and minor issues

If you have a broken table leg in your lounge that is an eyesore, or if you have not gotten around to repairing your light fixtures, now is the time to do it. You might not think the issues are that important, but potential buyers will notice them and could be deterred from buying your home.

For those who are not as handy with tools as others, you can hire a professional to come in and fix major issues, such as rewiring your lighting system or setting up your television in a way that is not cluttered. This will also improve your life while you are waiting for someone to buy your home, so should be at the top of your show-day list. Touch up small holes in your wall that might appear so that the paint looks fresh and new.

Let there be light

An effective way to make your lounge look clean, fresh and spacious is to let the light in. You can do this by opening sliding doors and windows on the show-day so that natural sunlight shines in to brighten the space.

If it is raining, you can switch on your ceiling lights for a bright atmosphere, or make the space feel cosy and inviting by using only warm white table lamps. Lighting can have a significant impact on how a space looks and feels, so be sure to let in as much as light as possible. Natural light is best, so be sure to open all blinds, curtains and windows on the day.

Keep couches covered

While it is not common for house viewers to sit down on your furniture, they might ask to do so in your lounge so that they can get a fuller picture of the room. You will need to keep your couches in pristine condition, so be sure to look for couch slipcovers in South Africa that will suit your decor scheme.

Keeping your couches covered in a neutral slipcover will help viewers to imagine the space as theirs, as well as keep your couches clean and stain-free for the duration of the showing period. You can brighten up the room with some colourful cushions, but be sure not to over-personalise the space, as your viewers want to see the room as “theirs” rather than yours. Make sure to fluff up couch cushions before covering them.

Remember to maintain good habits

You might have an entire month of show days when trying to sell your house, so remember to maintain your good habits throughout this period. You should keep your lounge clean and smelling fresh at all times, and fix issues as they crop up rather than waiting until the last minute. If you keep the room looking spick and span, you will find a buyer in no time.

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