Tips for organising your closets

December 13, 2017

We never seem to have enough space in our closets. Not for clothes, shoes, linen or toiletries. They are always a mess and never seem to stay organised longer than a week. Although, that’s probably just due to bad cleaning habits.

Hopefully, the following tips can help make your home-life a little bit easier


Decluttering is the first step for any and all of your closets around the house. This includes getting rid of the clothes that don’t fit anymore or that you haven’t worn in the past year: the duvet covers with the noticeable stains on them, those shoes that are held together by superglue and funny ways of walking to keep them from falling apart, empty detergent bottles, the three facial product ranges that you never use, and the list goes on and on.

And, if you feel too bad to just throw it away, don’t (unless it’s really passed its expiry date). Find a charity or homeless shelter and give it away. If it’s a jersey you bought but never wore, repurpose it as a gift. On that note, if something was given to you as a gift that you’ve only kept out of respect and it’s been a good few years already, regift it! Your other option is to hold a “garage sale” or post your things online and hope there is someone out there willing to take it off your hands for a bit of cash.

The purpose of decluttering is to show you that you actually do have enough space in your place for all your things. And now we move on to the organising part.

Clothing closet

Start by acknowledging what time of year it is and put the winter clothes at the top or bottom of your closet because you won’t be needing them now in summer. When that’s out of the way, arrange your clothes by order of popularity and colour – it will save you a lot of rummaging time in the future.

Hanging clothes need to be organised with winter on the one side and summer on the other. If you don’t have that much space, then take all your winter things away, compress them in a bag and put them away until the seasons change, literally.

For the accessories, you’re going to need hooks, boxes or drawers to place in your closet space for added and organised storage. Belts can be hung on clothing hangers with other items to take up less space or you can install hooks on the inside of your closet doors.  

Shoe closet

When it comes to shoes, it almost seems impossible to keep them in pairs and next to each other. Again, separate winter boots and summer sandals so that you have more space to work with and then you can start organising.

Install shelves or tension rods at the bottom of your shoe closet so that you have more levels for pairs of shoes instead of space to just throw your shoes into. If you want to be super organised, you can place dividers between each pair as well. If this won’t work for you, you can try shoe racks or shoe organisers on the inside of the closet door.

Linen closet

It doesn’t really make sense to organise your linen closet by “sheets”, “duvets” and “pillow cases”. Well, not if you only own bedding sets and no random, single linen items. Organise by bedding set, then when the time comes to change the sheets, you grab from one part of the shelf and move along.

There is still room, however, to organise by category. You can arrange per room, so have a “dining room” shelf with all your tablecloths and runners, “bathroom” and “guest bathroom” shelves for the respective bathrooms’ bath and hand towels and so on.

Use extra drawers if you need to and place some scented goodies in the linen closet to keep everything smelling fresh.

Toiletries cabinet

You don’t need all those soaps, you don’t need more than one shampoo and conditioner set, you don’t need three different hair removal creams and you really don’t need so many toothbrushes. Declutter – as already mentioned.

Your toiletries cabinet is generally a mess with cotton buds on the rampage and hardened toothpaste streaming the doors. Do yourself a favour and invest in containers and holders. It will neaten everything up almost immediately and it will be a lot easier to maintain.

It may seem like a bit of a schlep to organise cupboards, closets and cabinets that are closed 90% of the time because no one is really going to see them, right? Wrong. Not only will other people see them, but you will see them and have to deal with them on a daily basis. And there’s nothing like a constantly disorganised closet to drive you mad.

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