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Tips for planning a big party (and still enjoy it!)

November 17, 2015

people-party-dancing-musicPlanning parties comes naturally to some people, and to others it is a terrifying and intimidating prospect. Don’t worry, you can throw a great party – and even find the time to enjoy it yourself.

Look at the costs from the beginning

Don’t just start planning the party without having an idea of how much you can spend and having a vague idea of how much things cost. Planning a budget gives you a good place to start so things don’t get out of hand.

Define the kind of party you want

What kind of party do you want to throw? It seems like an obvious question to ask and you already probably have a few ideas but it might not be as defined as you think. Is there going to be a theme? What crowd do you want to attract? What music and dancing style are you aiming for? Will there be a theme?

Use Facebook

So much of our social planning happens on social media these days. By starting an event on the social media profile you can invite guests, send updates and monitor numbers. Not sure how to create an event on Facebook? Let Facebook show you how.

Don’t make it too exclusive

On the one hand it could be a good idea to add some exclusivity to the event, but don’t make the mistake of making it too exclusive. Remember that just because you invite 80 people because the venue can only hold that many people doesn’t mean all 80 will show up. People want to be able to invite along the usual people they hang out with.

You could do a compromise, for instance by keeping it exclusive on Facebook until a week before the party when you open it up.

Expect things to go wrong – and relax

Like with a wedding, there is always something that will go wrong with a party. Whether it’s the lights, sound system, catering or ice statue melting, something is bound to not go as planned. Have fallback plans where you can (especially in case the music fails!) but also don’t worry if the night doesn’t go perfectly as planned. Relax, breathe, and let the party go on.

Even if you are a shy, introverted person by nature, if you follow these simple tips planning a party will be a breeze. You might even find you have a knack for it and decide to events management courses. If that is still a bit of a stretch for you, just enjoy the party and revel in the thanks and compliments you receive.

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