Tips for selling your car privately

December 29, 2016


There comes a time in every car owner’s life when they’ll have to sell their vehicle. You might need a newer, more reliable set of wheels, you may decide to rely on public transport instead or you could realise that the price of petrol is just too much for you.

With this decision comes the question about whether you’ll sell privately or take your car to a dealer to trade it in. It might seem like a little more effort, but it’ll be worth it when you realise how much more you were able to earn from the sale rather than the dealer pocketing the extra cash. Whatever your reasoning, here are a couple of tips for selling your car privately.

Prepare your car to sell

The first step in the most time-consuming and difficult one. You are going to need to have your car certified as being roadworthy by booking it in for an inspection. It won’t be possible to sell without this certificate as all faults will be identified during this process. This can be overwhelming but it’s an important step in the car-selling process.

The next step when it comes to selling your car privately is taking it for a wash. After all, you wouldn’t want to buy a dirty, old car, would you? Once your car is all clean and shiny, like only a professional wash can do, you’ll need to ensure it’s vacuumed. Also, don’t forget to remove all your personal bits and bobs.

Some experts recommend that you take this opportunity to fix up any bumps and scratches. This really depends on how bad these marks are as this can be costly. You’ll need to decide how important this is and whether you’ll be able to make this money back when you sell the car.

Now that you have the car in tip top condition, it’s important that you go hunting through every drawer and cupboard in your home for the second set of keys and service history. These are essential and most buyers won’t be willing to buy a car without them.

Advertise your car

Figure out where you’ll advertise your car by speaking to loved ones about where they had the most luck. Sharing the sale of your car on social media can be a great idea as you might find a friend who wants to buy it. It is very common to sell second hand cars on classified websites but safety concerns have made this increasingly unpopular.

You’ll need to figure out how much you want to sell your car for. Check online for classified websites and compare the prices which others are selling their similar cars for.

When you’re ready to post details of your car, make sure you describe your car well and include all pertinent information. Also be sure to take good quality photos from a number of different angles. Adverts with good photos are more likely to attract many buyers.

Setting up viewings and test driving appointments

Once you’ve placed an advert online and shared it on social media, you should start receiving phone calls and emails within a few minutes. Make sure you’re available right way for potential buyers to see the car. It’s very important that you keep your safety in mind. A good idea may be to meet at a petrol station as they are often busy and have plenty of CCTV cameras around to watch out for you. Also, be sure to take a friend along with you for added safety.

Buyers will come in and expect to negotiate on the price. That’s normal. You should anticipate this by advertising your car for a slightly higher price that you’d ideally like for the car.

Is the sale final?

Importantly, you need to know your rights and responsibilities when it comes to selling a car privately. It’s essential that you have a fairly good understanding of the consumer protection act (CPA). You might be wondering about whether private car sales are “as is”?

“The CPA was brought in to protect the rights of the consumer, and knowing these rights is essential to ensure you don’t get ripped off during the purchasing decision,” says AA spokesman Gary Ronald.

Buying and selling cars privately has been associated with less than honest dealings, with the “voetstoots” or as is clause being used to protect dodgy salespeople from comeback. Under the CPA, a vehicle can be sold voetstoots in a private sale, but that doesn’t mean you, as the seller, don’t have any responsibility.

“In order for a car to be sold voetstoots, a full list of all known car defects has to be provided.”

Follow these simple tricks and you should have your car sold, and at a decent price, in no time at all. The most difficult part now is deciding who to sell your car to.

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