Tips on decorating your home on a budget

April 20, 2017

If you’ve had your house for years and it’s starting to look dull.You might want to upgrade your home but without breaking the bank. Decorating your home doesn’t have to be expensive, you just need to be creative and be open to new ideas.

Here are 10 tips on beautifying your home on a budget.


A room can look completely different just by repositioning your furniture. For example, you can take the coffee table from your lounge and put it in your bedroom. Or you could take accessories like vases and photos that are already in one room and place them in another. Your home will completely transform just by making these small changes.


If your floors have lost their sparkle and shine you must do something about them. Floors easily lose their gloss after some time because of heavy foot traffic from all your family members, visitors and pets. They’re bound to become scratched and dull but by consistently making use of high-quality floor polish you can maintain their sheen and prevent damage. Consider using a floor polish product that offers protection, keep your pet’s claws short and filed to prevent them scratching the floor and make use of anti-scratch felt pads on the feet of your chairs and couches.

Crown molding

If you want to glamour and sophistication in your room you can just add crown moulding to your rooms. It’ll make the walls and ceiling come together.


Chuck out the things you don’t need in your home. Do you really need 9 vases in one room? What about the magazines and newspapers you have piled up in your lounge? You can recycle them or buy a magazine rack in order to make you lounge look tidier. When your home is more organised you’ll be able to enjoy it more.


You can have a chic and beautiful bedroom on a budget. Consider painting your headboard in a rich and exciting colour to create a statement in the bedroom. And you could donate your old bedspreads and a gorgeous duvet cover in your room.


Instead of buying new cabinets for your kitchen or bathroom. You could transform the way they look with a fresh lick of paint. For example, when you bought your white kitchen cupboards they may have been fresh and clean. And you likely chose these cupboards because they brightened up the room. But after some time they’re bound to become stained and dull. Painting them will restore them and brighten up your kitchen, giving it new life.


If your walls have cracks and stains that can’t be fixed or removed, you could cover them with beautiful wallpaper. Wallpaper comes in different shapes and sizes and can make a room look unique and different.


You can give your front door a completely new look by repainting it. And you could also place flower pots to surround and frame your door. And also change the house number.


When you’re on a budget the last thing you want to do is buy more things to revamp your house. If you have old furniture lying around in your garage, you can reuse the wood and transform it into something else. For example, you can use old drawers and make shelves in your bedroom or bathroom.

Look around your house and find items you can use for decor. For instance, take any decorative plates that you don’t use and hang them on your wall and make them the centrepiece of the room. You will need to attach wire plate hangers and then attach the plates on picture nails.


You can make your home look beautiful by making sure it’s well kept. Maintain your garden by trimming the trees and bushes and mow the lawn.

Revamping your house around can be fun and exciting. And it doesn’t have to cost you a small fortune. It might require some time and effort as well as a do-it-yourself attitude but it’ll be worth it. Allow yourself to be creative and think outside the box.


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