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Top tips for selling your home

March 2, 2016

The excitement and anxiety of moving off to a different location is an unshakable feeling. Not knowing what to expect and having thoughts of leaving your beloved home behind can feel a bit overwhelming, but if you know that there is something different waiting for you then you have no other option to feel happy about the step you are taking. But first you need to get your house ready to sell and here’s how:


Take a look at cupboards and closets


Every buyer will have storage space in mind when choosing a home, and this is something one can never have enough of. A small amount of storage space also limits your chances of hooking a buyer. When applying for a home loan the last thing they want is a cramped space. So, provide the illusion of space. Remove half of the items from your closet or cupboards and organise it neatly to give an open feel. When viewing a property, buyers tend to snoop around so be sure to keep everything neat and tidy.


Good lighting


Light provides a peaceful atmosphere which is the first thought a buyer should have when they walk into your home. They should feel that it’s peaceful. They should feel that after a long day of work they can come back to a home where they can destress and relax in peace and quiet. Before the buyer comes, open curtains, clean windows, switch up the lampshades and install bulbs with an increased wattage for brighter light. If need be,  trim the shrubs and bushes outside to let in natural light.


Send the pets away


Not everyone is fond of pets, for all you know the person coming to view your home could be allergic to your furry friends. Some may think that cute dog will win the hearts of buyers, but the opposite might be true. Send your pets off to the neighbour for a couple of hours and remove any odour that may be looming in the house. The smell may give buyers the impression that your home is not clean. Also remove the litter box and any traces of pet hair that could be around.


Keep in mind that the more personal stuff in your house, the less buyers can actually see themselves living in your home. Put away a third of your most personal items such as family photos, personal keepsakes and memorabilia collections.

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