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Treat yo’self but be smart about it

February 23, 2017

Not to sound like a self-help book but we all deserve to be a little spoiled sometimes. And in today’s modern world, we don’t turn to others for the spoiling but we turn to ourselves. We live in a completely gender-neutral world where women and men are more similar than ever before. Gone are the days of women and men playing significantly different roles in life, in the home and in the workplace. And, thank goodness for that. Levelling the playing field means that those in the throes of life can grab any and every opportunity for themselves. It also means that we don’t have to subscribe to old-fashioned traditions but rather just do what we want to, for ourselves, when we want to. We can buy our own flowers and cologne. We don’t need a partner or Valentine’s Day to enjoy little spoils.

Be clever about the treats you buy

While everyone is different, there are some things in this life that will bring a smile to anyone’s face. Of course, you might find your mind spinning with thoughts of a brand new TV, car, designer sneakers or a night at a luxurious hotel. And yes, those luxury material goods are truly awesome. Nothing compares to the feel of some brand spanking new things or a night away that makes you feel like a rockstar. But things get old and nights away end.

Also, a new car? No. That is a depreciating asset and not a spoil at all. However, if you’ve dreamed of the feel of German engineering soaring you along the highways then you’re not alone. But be smart about buying the car of your dreams and buy used. Used cars are much better value for money. You can pick up a used Audi for sale for far less than if you purchased it brand new. What’s more, the money you’ll lose on the vehicle is minimal by comparison to the approximated twenty percent drop off the new vehicle as it drives off the showroom floor. This is an example of being a smart buyer because no matter what you set your sights on, do some research first before committing. Between the malls and the online stores you have ample places to purchase from and finding a good deal is the best. If you’re buying, then scoring big on a saving is the real spoil.

But treating yourself doesn’t have to mean buying and having more stuff

You can treat yourself with time and self care. Everything nowadays costs money so this idea is not about being frugal. But taking time for yourself and self caring is a far different gift than things. Allow yourself the time to figure out what you really need. Perhaps you want to start finding your way back to a cleaner, healthier lifestyle. Then allocate time in your busy week to research how to do that and spend smartly on the things you need to assist you. For instance, hit a farmers market for your fruits and veggies as buying from popular chain stores means you’re paying their mark up price. Also, if you enjoy flowers, then plant some in your garden and pick them out of your own backyard when you want fresh flowers in the home. You could even pick some to give as a gift to a friend.

You might also plan an evening in. Plan to switch off from the world for a bit by turning off your phone and laptop and just being in silence with yourself. Or spend some time reading a new and exciting book or binging on your favourite TV show. This timeout is important now more than ever before. Our lives are flooded with information and communication has become seamless. There are so many ways that people can get hold of you which means we are available to anyone at anytime. By choosing a timeout you choose to only be available to yourself for a while. This is similar to learning how to say no to things and people who drain you or simply don’t interest you. If you really want to be wasteful then you should say yes to events and occasions with people you aren’t fond of at places you don’t care about. You will waste time, money and energy doing this.

The ultimate treat is learning to understand what you truly want and need

How you understand yourself can be desperately affected by the opinions and unimportant chatter from outsiders. But, once you do understand what you’re craving from life, you can reach for it confidently and treating yourself will be easy. If you still want that Audi comfort and technology for road trips (solo or with besties) then go right ahead and feel good that it was all your choosing. With all the spoils, make sure they feed into your idea of happiness and if you save money while you’re at it then bonus points for you.

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