Typical “out of school” girl experiences

November 14, 2017

Not every girl is the same and, obviously, we all experience life and things differently. But at the same time, there are certain things that we all kind of go through on our way. Ask the ladies in your life or just continue reading if you want to know what you can expect when you finally leave school or if you just want to reminisce as a lady long out of school.  

The hair

First thing is first, change the hair.

Cut it all off or shave a side. Dye it that unnaturally dark or light colour that you always tried to do in school but never got away with. Or you can go with what’s trending and turn your hair into a unicorn or mermaid with some beautifully crazy colours. No one can tell you otherwise and detention is a thing of the past. And while it may make it a bit harder to land a customer service gig, it’s totally worth it and something you just have to do when you leave school.

The wardrobe

The next step, that you will soon come to realise upon leaving school, is that you’re in need of a wardrobe. You’ve survived the weekends and school holidays, but now that you get to wear your own clothes every single day (yay for no more uniforms) it’s dawning on you that you either don’t wear half the items in your wardrobe or you simply need more than one pair of jeans to keep you sane through the week.

After school, you also start developing a wardrobe and style around what makes you feel both yourself and comfortable. And if you ever miss those clumpy school shoes, Dr Martens have that style (but better) for your new look.

The bed relationship

When you leave school, one of the most important relationships in your life will drastically change. Now that “school nights” no longer exist, you no longer have a bedtime. But you should have one anyway, your future self will thank you.

So, you don’t see your bed as much in the evenings as you used to, but you’ll be making up for that time in the afternoons… when you’re having your super important afternoon nap. You may be laughing now, but just give being out of school a few weeks and you’ll understand.

The travel bug

After school, every learner, not just us girls, get’s bitten by the travel bug.

And it can be anything from travelling to Plettenberg Bay for Plett Rage or buying new luggage and heading overseas for a week away from home. But every person should make a plan to travel somewhere, either on their own or with a few friends after school. It’s a time of discovery, new memories and experimenting.

The realisation

Another moment you’ll experience after you leave high school is the realisation that PE was one of the most important classes you had. That, and being forced into doing school sports was the best thing for you.

Now you have to find a gym that isn’t ridiculously priced or a sports academy that will let you continue to play netball, hockey or whatever sport it was that you loved. But the hardest part will be finding the motivation and inspiration to get up and exercise when you could rather be binge-watching series in your free time or taking photos of your cat every time they move into a new position while they’re sleeping.

It’s very easy to get lazy and lose any fitness you may have had in school. Not to mention that your diet habits change and the bad stuff is the cheap stuff, so it’s what you buy.

The freak out

And cue freak out. So, you’re no longer the cute school girl. You’re a growing woman in a world of constant adaptation and adults. And adults are scary. As is the process of deciding on what to study. Not, like, horror movie kind of scary, but more the concept of being an adult and the responsibilities of a student.

We grow up very quickly out of high school and the secret to acing it all is: you don’t. Everyone figures it out as they go along and you don’t have to stress so much about it.

Life Orientation would’ve helped if it was more like Real-Life Orientation though.

The confidence

Post freak out brings with it a newfound confidence. You’re more independent. You get to drive yourself around, run your own errands and find responsibility in sorting yourself out for the next chapter of your life.

Maybe you get the opportunity to move out and have more independence in living on your own, making your own meals and figuring out all the buttons on your washing machine. Learning how to do all these things for yourself and knowing what your next steps are will give you so much confidence going forward. It really is a great time of your life.

The student life

You may not be too pleased about the idea of going back into a student mindset after completing twelve years of school, but something you should learn right now is that you never stop learning. You may not always be studying through an institution, but having an open mind to learning about everything that’s happening around you is a good trait to have in life.

But what you are looking forward to is the student life and all the hashtags that come with it. As much as studying to get ahead in a career one day should be the most exciting thing about the student life, it’s not (let’s be honest). No curfews, new friends and a constant vibe in the town you’re studying in. That’s what the student life is all about and it’s time for you to get excited about it.

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