Unlikely ways to keep fit this winter

July 1, 2015

Is your winter morning too chilly for you to get out of bed? It may just seem to you like an impossible mission for you to accomplish, and even thinking about exercise is a cringing thought. There is good news though. You can exercise without having to leave the comfort of your home –gyms are cold. You can exercise without having to be outside – the weather is cold.

Walk in the mall

If taking a morning jog in the rain is not your thing, then there is a better option – a mall-walk option. Do a few laps in the mall, go the earliest opening times when there aren’t too much people. Do a few laps by brisk walking your way to success. Climb the stairs or walk up escalators to challenge your leg muscles and burn extra calories in the process.  You can burn up to 300-400 calories by doing a one hour brisk walk.

Run the stairs

If your apartment block or home has stairs then do a quick round of laps up and down the staircase. This is a great high intensity leg workout that will make your calves look amazing. Climb two steps at a time, sprinting a few flights or doing jumping jacks between floors to raise intensity. This routine is fitting for getting perfect buns of steel.  You still need to gear up on your exercise outfit. Wearing comfortable sports bras is great for jumping up and down the stairs.

Active TV watching

Do a few squats while your favourite program is on. Jog on one spot or do some rope skipping while you watch TV. During the commercial break you can do a few push ups. This work-out is called a fitness pleasure combo – it provides you with the pleasure of watching your favourite show while keeping fit. When your potato chip falls, quickly bending over to apply the five second rule, does not count as exercise. While you’re heating up food in the microwave you can also do a bit of stretches or jog on one spot. Anything to get in exercise for the day ahead.

Do what works for you. If you’re not feeling up to it, then think of the consequences of your actions. You will regret feeling bloated and frumpy if you go without exercise for months on end. If gym is not your style then this is the best way to kick your fitness routine into high gear.

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