Use your bakkie to make extra cash on the side

July 23, 2015


Making extra money has never been easier with the right resources. If the entrepreneur in you is calling out to start your own business, then start by making use of what you have. A bakkie should come in handy for the most successful ventures and it needn’t be a 4×4 bakkie! There are many businesses you can start with the use of a bakkie, it all depends on the type of business you want to start.

Mini mover service

You will never be without work if you consider starting a mini mover service, as many people require the service of a company that deals in the transportation of goods. If you are going to be transporting goods, it may contain valuables and therefore it’s important that you have a well-fitting canopy. Having a canopy is ideal for when the weather is not satisfactory.  The canopy guarantees that the contents of the move stay dry and protected.

Gardening service

A bakkie is the perfect mode of transportation for hauling basic gardening equipment. Be sure to install bakkie accessories which will secure the load. You wouldn’t want brooms, pruners or spades moving around while conveying the goods. A bakkie is also the perfect vehicle to transport the refuse that you will accumulate during the clean-up process.

Maintenance services

Going into the business of cleaning homes or doing maintenance repairs will prove to be lucrative. Many people need a good clean-up in their backyard and always need their odds and ends mended or fixed.  Your bakkie will have space for supplies, equipment and even an extra co-worker or two.

Rubbish removal

The rubbish removal truck only comes around once a week, and in many instances it happens that people miss the garbage truck or their bins are over loaded with rubbish before it’s even their garbage removal day. Just think of how simply and swiftly you will pull up with your bakkie, leaving homeowners grateful to task off the rubbish removal to someone else. You can haul any kind of garbage onto your bakkie; from garden cut-offs, items thrown out during a seasonal spring clean, disposed electronic equipment etc.

Getting clients

Start by going door to door and hand out flyers of the service you’re providing. You can also put up posters and post your service on community bulletin boards. Don’t underestimate the power of word of mouth advertising. Or you can even place an ad in your local community paper. Once you become a known service provider in your area, the orders will be streaming in.


Starting your own venture will be a bit stressful, but with your own resources, you take away some of the burden. Once you put on your thinking cap you will soon discover many other opportunities that are just waiting to flourish into success.


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