Using your space creatively

March 20, 2017

There are many ways you can use the extra space in your house. You don’t have to stick to the traditional guest room, especially if it’s hardly ever used. You can be creative with the space so that it suits you and meets your needs.

If you’re blessed enough to have an extra room in your house and you’re at odds as to what you should do with it, then here are a few ideas on ways you can use that space efficiently.

A library

There’s nothing like going to the library and finding a good book. Imagine having your very own library in your own home and knowing that if you need a good read, it’s just down the hallway. So on those cold rainy days, you can just grab a book and snuggle up on the sofa with your fuzzy blanket and a cup of warm coffee in the other hand. You can spend the whole day getting lost in the characters and scenes that the author has portrayed without anything disturbing you. Your children could also use it to catch up on their reading.

If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, then a book a day should keep the stress away. Because reading can be soothing and take away any worries and provide the perfect escape.

Workout room

You can use the space to install your very own gym. You can buy gym equipment you know that you’ll most likely use. You can have a treadmill, skipping ropes, an exercise ball and anything you feel you’ll need. You can spend an hour in the morning on a good workout instead of driving all the way to the gym. Some people have membership cards at a gym and end up being discouraged because they have to get up every morning and drive to the gym. The solution would be to simply set up one in your home.

Rent it out

You can rent out the room in your house to backpackers, students or working professionals. You can decide on the terms and conditions you would like your tenants to keep to. Just make sure that you thoroughly do an investigation on them before you make such a huge commitment. Make sure they’re people you would actually enjoy living with. They’ll be constantly in your presence since you live in the same house, so you have to interview them to make sure you’re comfortable around them. If you’re extremely neat and tidy and your home is always spick and span, you have to make sure they’re not going to leave your shared living space dirty.

Music room

The room can be used as a music room. It can be filled with instruments, keyboard, guitars, drums and trumpets. If there is a musician in the house, they can spend endless hours practising.


The space can also be used as a home office. It’s hard to work in spaces where you have kids running around, screaming loudly. In that type of space, it’s extremely hard to concentrate and actually finish all the work you set out to do. But if you have your very own cocoon then you can get a lot of work done and meet all those deadlines that are piled up. Or, if you also need to catch up on some studying, you don’t need to go all the way to the library, you can just use your home office.

Guest bedroom

When your relatives or friends call saying they’re coming to town, they don’t have to worry about sleeping in a hotel, because they know that you’ll provide them with a place to sleep. You can decorate it with lush comfy bedding sets that are inviting and will make them feel at home. You can add mirrors, storage ottomans and trendy wallpaper. You can also add accessories to make it a warm and cosy for your guest to have a good rest.

Play area

I’m sure you’ve heard your child whine, “Mommy I’m bored” at 10 am on a Saturday morning. If you make a play haven for your children, they will love you for it. In this room they can spend endless hours creating, playing and reading. You could add kiddie desks and chairs, plenty of toys, and paint brushes with paint and paper. This could be a room for your kids to have fun and enjoy themselves and be productive at the same time.

You can look at all available options and decide what will suit you and your personality. And, obviously, what best fits your budget.

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