Want to take a year off and travel the world?

April 24, 2015

Want to take a year off and travel the world?

Many of us dream of escaping the boredom of our daily 9 to 5 routines. Long days of stretching out on clean, white sand, the waves lapping at your toes and a cocktail in hand. That is the dream which keeps us trudging along toward our monthly pay cheque with the hope of squirreling some extra money aside for that yearly vacation.


But what if that could be your reality for an entire year? What if you could travel the world, see what else is out there and really have the opportunity to live. Now is your chance, while you are young, unmarried and with no children, and before you have a bond to pay off.


Real life story


One Cape Town-based couple did exactly that. The couple, Kate and Rufus Brand, who have been married for seven years, are travelling the world by sailboat and are currently living in Belize, Central America. They are running luxury catamaran charters around the islands of Belize.

Kate wrote on their blog, A Brand New Life, recently: “Rufus and I have an unpredictable life together, we enjoy the excitement of not always knowing what is around the corner and not always being able to plan things.  In all honesty, who can successfully and accurately plan every detail of their future?!

“No one, ever. We have just actively chosen to embrace that uncertainty rather than fight it. We do still dream (a lot, about many things) and enjoy planning how to execute those dreams but we are happy to accept the changes, and adapt accordingly, when life throws them at us.”


Tips to make it happen


Now that you’re completely in love with the idea of packing your bags and making your dream a reality, you’ll need to work out how you can make this happen. A great idea is to listen to people who have done just what you hope to do. Here are some tips:


Save – Save your money. Save every cent you can. Slash your expenses, live as frugally as possible and shovel all the surplus money you can into a savings.


Jobs – What work can you do while you’re there? If the Brand’s story inspires you, perhaps you should look into completing one of the sailing courses available in Cape Town?


Sell your things – Clear out all your clothes, furniture and other belongings. You won’t need any of that while you’re travelling and it’s pointless to store it for a year. Rather sell now and use the money to fund your travels for a few weeks.


The key point to remember about planning long-term travels is not to plan too much. Have a basic plan of what you’d like to do, but keep things open-ended. You might end up meeting someone or experiencing something that could keep you on the road for far longer (or shorter) than you had thought possible.


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