Wardrobe tips you can’t afford to miss

April 29, 2016

Putting a good outfit together can be an endless struggle, especially if you don’t have any good tips up your sleeve to help you in your quest to looking great. Buying new shoes are great, but it can be a nightmare trying to walk in new shoes. Trying to look gorgeous while your aching feet are on fire is anything but fabulous. Fortunately, you’ve found the age-old list of wardrobe tips you never knew about or have forgotten.


Stretch your new shoes


You may have heard of the many tried and tested methods of stretching a new pair of shoes, but this one is sure to work. It is most difficult to stretch are a pair of leather heels or stylish mens shoes. Tight fitted shoes can make your day difficult and can also cause calluses. After this you won’t have to deal with aching feet again. Fill up a couple of freezer bags with water, place them in your shoes and then overnight in the freezer. You’ll immediately note the difference in the morning.


Buying your jacket


Whenever purchasing coats, jackets or blazers, remember one rule – it needs to fit your shoulders. If your jacket fits too wide or tight around your shoulders, leave it in the store. You may have a good tailor by your side, but you can rest assured that jackets are the most difficult clothing items to alter.


Keep your body shape in mind


It’s normal to feel a bit envious when you see someone is wearing the same top as you, especially if the top looks a little better on them. Take time to really study your figure to see what works for your body. Always accent your best features in the right way and not in the wrong way by wearing clothes that don’t flatter your body type. By wearing a V-neck, you’re making your torso appear longer and wearing nude pumps will make you legs appear elongated.


Well-fitted jeans  


Everyone needs a pair of well-fitted jeans in their wardrobe. If you can, then choose to buy your jeans one size smaller. Jeans tend to stretch only after a couple of washes, by the time you wash them, they’ll fit perfectly. You don’t need to stitch your hem, if you can use a glue gun instead. Keep in mind that the hems of your jeans should go up to the tops of your shoes.


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