Wedding gift ideas for coffee lovers

April 12, 2018

Your close friend is getting married: excited squeals and a flurry of hugs and kisses ensues. Once the initial furore is over, you realise that you now have to buy a gift for the lucky couple. If they are coffee lovers, you will find that the choices for coffee aficionados are abundant, quirky and more often than not, are suited to almost every budget. Read on for some of the best wedding gift ideas for coffee lovers.

A coffee table book… about coffee

A beautiful book about coffee can be a delightful gift for anyone who enjoys sipping on a Nescafé gold cappuccino while reading. Coffee table books are great conversation starters and are relatively affordable wedding gifts.

You could look for stunning photography book based on the journey of coffee, or opt for something a little more entertaining such as the illustrated book ‘Coffee Gives Me Superpowers’ by Ryoko Iwata. If you are a little more creative, you could create your own coffee table book with photographs of the cups of coffee you have shared with the couple over the years.

Personalised coffee stencils

Who doesn’t enjoy the novelty of seeing a carefully-sprinkled image on top of their cappuccino foam? With a personalised coffee stencil, the newlywed couple can create delicious drinks with their initials or a personalised image on the top.

The stencils can be personalised with anything from the traditional ‘Mr & Mrs’ imagery to something more unique, like a favourite saying of the couple or even an outline of their cat. This is a simple gift and is highly versatile, as the stencils can be used for cake decorating or creating customised food art. Give more than one so that the happy couple can spice up their morning grind with a different design every day.

Customised coffee mugs

One of the most important parts of drinking coffee is the mug it is put into. More often than not, we all have a certain mug that we consider to be ‘ours’ which is a set of customised coffee mugs is the perfect gift for the couple who sips together.

You could give them coffee mugs that depict a photograph from their big day, so they will have a constant reminder of a happy moment, or commission an illustration of the couple from a local artist. If they are cat lovers (and let’s face it… who isn’t?) a picture of their favourite cat on a mug is sure to put a smile on their faces. Be sure that the mugs are of a high quality, and are both microwave and dishwasher safe.

A french press and bean grinder

French presses are one of the most popular coffee brewing methods among coffee connoisseurs. They are easy to use and can bring out the flavour of whichever beans your friends choose. A french press is an affordable coffee accessory and they are available in a range of colours.

Every coffee lover needs a great bean grinder, as the taste of freshly ground beans is like no other coffee experience you will have.  A good bean grinder should be long lasting, so it is important not to skimp on this gift. Pairing the french press and the bean grinder is thoughtful and useful, scoring you major brownie points with your newly married BFF.

A coffee of the month club

Anyone who enjoys drinking coffee will appreciate a monthly subscription box filled with delicious caffeinated goodies. They will be able to enjoy the tastes of foreign grounds as well as experiment with different beans and strengths.

Most coffee lovers want to try different flavours and aromas, so a subscription box is a perfect gift. If you are unsure as to whether your friends would be willing to pay a monthly fee, look for a curated gift box designed for coffee lovers or put one together yourself. Many subscription boxes allow you to have the first month free, so your friends can decide if they would like to renew the subscription.

Chocolate covered coffee beans

This is a simple but delicious gift option, and it is affordable too. Chocolate covered coffee beans have become highly popular among artisanal chocolatiers and coffee roasters, so are readily available at  many delis and retailers nationwide.

Most coffee lovers also enjoy nibbling on a piece (or a slab…) of chocolate while indulging in their favourite drink, so the combination of the two is sure to be a winner. Wrap the beans in pretty paper or put them in a personalised container that the couple can use to hold future coffee beans. Some chocolatiers offer unique flavours such as milk chocolate and Amarula flavoured beans.

Espresso yourself

Choosing a wedding gift can be tricky, especially if the bride and groom have quirky interests. However, if they are coffee lovers you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to gift giving. Remember to inject a certain amount of your own personality into the gift. A coffee table book is the perfect choice for those who pair their cuppas with a book, and a french press shows that you are thoughtful and practical. Keep it simple and focus on the couple when choosing any wedding gift.

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